Free up space on your PC, save your photos and videos on these discounted USB flash drives

As with many other internal components of our computer such as the processor or memory, we must take storage units into consideration. We refer to the disks where the operating system is stored, all the applications that we install and our own data. Although we can also make use of external drives as happens for example with the usb sticks.

The space available in the hard drives and SSDs What we find on our computer is something much more important than we thought at first. In fact, this can directly influence the overall performance of the computer. Running out of space on internal drives can become a serious problem. This is precisely why a multitude of users end up using external drives to save certain of their own files.

We start from the premise that both videos and images are becoming more and more voluminous. Therefore, those files that we do not use on a daily basis but that we do not want to lose are more than adequate elements to store in external drives. We can also choose to use one of the different cloud services to which we are surely subscribed.

However, a hardware component that has not stopped growing in recent years is what is known as USB memories. They are devices that we can carry comfortably in our pockets, sometimes with a huge storage capacity. Therefore, if you are looking for a product with these characteristics and that offers us up to 512 gigs of storage, you can take advantage of one of these two offers. Surely all this will allow you to save an enormous amount of disk space on your PC.

512 gig USB sticks now on sale

Specifically, below we will talk about 2 interesting models from prestigious brands that will be of enormous help for these tasks.

On the one hand, we find the USB memory Transcend USB Jet Flash 790. To give you an idea, we are talking about a powerful storage device that offers us a total capacity of 512 gigabytes. Based on the fact that we are going to work with large amounts of files and folders here, it is also important to know that it is compatible with USB 3.1 ports. In this way we will achieve the maximum transfer speed to save time in freeing up space on the PC.

Likewise, we must take into account that at this moment we can save 41% thanks to the offer proposed by the giant Amazon. This means that we will have this storage system for less than 48 euros right now.

But in parallel and if we wish, we can also opt for this other model. With a spectacular design we find the SanDisk Ultra Luxe USB memory. We will also have a small device compatible with USB 3.1 ports and that presents us with a capacity of 512 gigabytes. It must be said that right now we can get hold of this device for a price of 69 euros.

Thanks to the versatility and functionality of these products, we will be able to free up an enormous amount of space on our computer’s disks and also carry all those files that we consider important, at all times on the go. pocket.

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