Free Webinar: “How to attract high-quality leads”

The pandemic caused an acceleration of the digital transformation of companies, reaching vital importance for the future of companies. The presence of companies in digital environments has become an imperative for their growth. In this context, HubSpot, a CRM platform for growing companies, organizes, together with Google, a free webinar on how businesses can attract high-quality leads, which will take place tomorrow, 3:00 p.m.

Establishing a marketing strategy seems, at first, simple -attract visitors, generate leads, convert them into customers and retain them-. However, the generation of high quality leads it is one of the main challenges experienced by growing companies, regardless of their size or sector. In fact, 79% of marketers want to attract more qualified leads.

In generating high-quality leads, it’s important to reach consumers at the right time, with the right message, and using the right channel. Making use of search engine marketing through advertising campaigns allows companies to reach a wider audience with personalized content, gain notoriety and therefore achieve quality leads, thus increasing conversions. Therefore, from HubSpot it is possible to create a Google Ads account to create advertising campaigns, thus offering an integrated service”, says Shelley Pursell, Senior Director of Marketing for Spain and Latin America.

The advertisers they face three great challenges when it comes to generating leads; achieving quality instead of quantity, the complexity in the customer journey and the optimization that requires effective measurement solutions.

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During this free webinar, experts from HubSpot and Google will show one of the most popular ways to generate high-quality leads by implementing an advertising strategy that involves the use of Google Ads.

“For marketers, navigating the changing digital advertising landscape represents a tremendous opportunity when using the right tools. In this webinar, we will bring together key strategies for lead generation marketers to use and witness the value of CRM-based advertising.” assured Mario Hinojosa, Google Partner Success Manager.

In this way, the public will be offered the opportunity to learn more about link generation. Specifically, the topics to be discussed in this virtual event:

  • Common Marketing Challenges
  • Capitalize on search intent
  • Attract new audiences and demonstrate the value of your brand
  • Adapt your message to changes in demand
  • Demo: How Google Ads works in HubSpot

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