Freebox Delta: new subscribers can rent the Devialet decoder at €7/month

Free offers its top-of-the-range decoder at a bargain price. Player Free Devialet is now available for rental to new Freebox Delta subscribers at 6.99/month. For current Freebox Pop and Delta subscribers, it will also be available with the multi-TV option at 9.99/month.

For the past year, Free’s offer in terms of equipment has been more modular. Especially since the arrival of the Freebox Pop in 2020. This small all-round box is offered with the Player Pop, an Android TV decoder that has made so many envious people among Freebox Delta subscribers that it was quickly offered as an option to these latter. Then, Free offered an Apple TK 4K to its new Pop subscribers who wish to replace Android TV with tvOS for a similar quality of service. Again, former subscribers winced. As a result, former Freebox Pop and Delta subscribers can also buy an Apple TV 4K and opt for the multi-TV option.

At the start of 2022, someone in Free’s marketing must have noticed that the Devialet decoder could also be the subject of a slightly more modular offer. Until very recently, new Freebox Delta subscribers didn’t really have a choice: they had to buy the Devialet decoder, which is quite expensive (and only compatible with a Freebox): 480 euros. When the Freebox Pop was launched, they could also opt for a Player Pop (included in the subscription). Then the Apple TV 4K arrived (sold for 2.99 euros for 48 months, but not rented). From now on, another option will be offered to them.

The Devialet decoder is offered at 7 euros per month to new Freebox Delta subscribers

Indeed, the Devialet decoder becomes available for rental. In addition it is cheaper for new subscribers. It will thus be offered to them for rental at €6.99/month. Remember that this decoder is the ultimate decoder at Free: 6 integrated speakers with Dolby Atmos, 4K HDR10 compatible, support for the ARC protocol via HDMI ports, compatibility with Alexa, etc. What amounts to €46.98/month for one year, then €56.98/month. This offer is reserved for new subscribers with a limit set at February 28, 2022.

What if you are already a subscriber? Holders of a Freebox Pop and Delta can also take advantage of a rental Devialet decoder, via the multi-TV option. The price is fixed at €9.99/month (vs €4.99/month for a Player Pop). And it’s without obligation. Be careful however, the audiovisual offer does not change: Pop subscribers cannot access the options of the Delta package by paying for the option. No Prime, no Netflix and no TV by Canal (they remain optional and paid for). But you get the beautiful interface, the voice assistant and the good sound, that’s already it.

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If you are interested, all you have to do is go to your subscriber area, section ” Television » and activate the option that will be offered to you at the preferential rate. For Pop subscribers, however, it will be necessary to wait a little before the latter is displayed in the interface. And of course, Free continues to offer the Player Devialet for purchase, for a price of €480.

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