Freshly Cosmetics obtains the award as “Online Store of Spain of 2021”

The end of the Ecommerce Awards Spain, which was held in Segovia a few days ago, announced the winners of the best companies and experts in the digital sector of 2021, in recognition of their merits and good practices in the development of disruptive and innovative strategies for the promotion and transformation of their companies and the Spanish digital economy.

The ceremony has recognized Freshly Cosmetics as the “Best Ecommerce of 2021” in Spain. «This achievement has been thanks to the more than one million customers and the more than 200 workers of the company who work every day. We want to tell you that this is just the beginning, there is rope for a while and we will continue to wage war », he pointed Save Marshal, Communications & Corporate Press Manager at Freshly Cosmetics.

With a presence in 24 countries, for our jury, Freshly Cosmetics is «A young company with a brutal growth, a huge catalog with high quality products. Always releasing news. They move very well through social networks and it is a company that cares about the environment and shows it in its processes and product material and packaging«.

On the other hand, the award for the “Best Marketing Campaign for eCommerce” went to Blue Banana Brand. The youth clothing brand launched its Banana Santa promotion last April on Instagram, coinciding with Easter, they gave away a total of 360 sweatshirts, one every 100 seconds for a period of 10 hours. This means that approximately every two minutes they announced the name of a winner in the comments.

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This strategy of constantly offering a winner, added to the need to mention a friend to participate, surely helped to reach the more than 1.5 million comments on the publication: almost 4 times the number of followers of the brand in the network Social.

Rest of prizes

  • “Best Omnichannel Integration”: Miscota. The jury has valued the perfect integration between its more than 75 physical stores, the app and online sales. The best thing is that from the app and eCommer page you have access to all the items in all the stores and retails, in addition to having SAC (customer service) and order tracking. He received the award Joan Garcia, CTO of Buddy (Group to which Miscota belongs).
  • “Best Transactional App”: TooGoodToGo. Every day the Waste Warriors community through the Too Good To Go app can save surprise packs with the surplus of the hospitality industry and give a second chance to all those quality and unsold food so that they do not end up in the market. garbage can at the end of the day. Silvia Magán, PR & Waste Warrior from Too Good To Go received.
  • Best Internationalization Strategy ”: Naturitas. One of the jurors pointed to this category. In a year to translate the store in 7 languages? And in 2 go from 1% of international sales in 2019 to 33% in 2021? With these turnover volumes I take off my hat. They received the award Nicola lavarino, CEO of Naturitas, and Ignacio Riesco, CEO interactiv4.
  • “Best Marketplace”: PcComponentes. The jury has valued the proposal of this eCommerce: Being the most competitive category, with the tightest margins, with a monster like Amazon in front, the growth figures of its marketplace model are spectacular. They are a global success story. David Morales, PcComponentes Marketplace Director, received the award.
  • “Best Rookie eCommerce”: Frankie The King. Beautiful national project, different value proposition, good product, lots of love in everything they do, interesting growth and fantastic execution. It is a wonderful example to follow, explains one of the members of the jury about this online pet nutrition store. Pablo Renaud, member of the jury, received the representation award.
  • “Best Small eCommerce”: The company was recognized especially because “they are an example of taking the sale of a traditional product to the online channel while maintaining its essence and direct contact even through digital channels.” Fabián López, CEO of Turronesydulces, received the award.
  • “Best Medium eCommerce”: Tuvalum. From this candidacy, the jury has highlighted «Its solid strategy based on international growth, professionalization of the purchase in a sector that requires trust on the part of the buyer and seller, providing the value of the intermediary with knowledge, have made it a benchmark for buying and selling bicycles, ousting in a few months to second-hand generalist portals«. Received the Ismael Labrador Award, Co-founder and CMO / CPO of Tuvalum.
  • “Best manager of the year”: Sara Werner, CEO and Co-Founder of Cocunat. This year it was a real honor to deliver an award for the reference directives in Spanish eCommerce, a category that this year gave off a lot girl power. The 3 finalists deserved special recognition and the decision was complex, but the jury ended up choosing the CEO and Co-Founder of the natural cosmetics eCommerce. Explaining the decision, one of the jurors assured that «the origin of Cocunat is a real lesson in how to turn a barrier into a real success story ». He collected the award on behalf of Georgina Rifé, CMO of Cocunat.

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