From edge to cloud: how HPE and AMD are reinventing the data center

The data center reinvents itself in 2023. Not radically of course. But it does progressively adopt some of the trends that have been talked about the most in recent years, in the case of hybrid cloud and multicloud environments. And it does so with two of the companies that have contributed the most to developing the CPD in recent years. : HPE and AMD.

AMD is and has been a key player in the development of the data center, since it allows companies to access maximum performance solutions, ranging from supercomputing to innovation in the cloud, or development at the extreme (edge ​​computing ). A key factor for this model is the cstrategic collaboration with HPEwhich since the arrival of the first generation of AMD EPYC, has allowed both companies to advance when it comes to offering their customers maximum performance.

And it is that as he tells us Jorge Lorenzo(HPE Ambassador – Solutions & Software) in the interview that we show you below, the alliance of both companies offers companies “a direct benefit, since the new generation of AMD processors allows many virtual machines to be unified in few computers, which reduces the number of servers, reduces energy consumption and therefore also lowers the cost that customers end up paying”.

One of the great innovations produced as a result of this alliance is the new line of servers HPE ProLiant Gen11. These new servers are designed for the hybrid world and also to offer an intuitive cloud operating experience, with reliable security by design and outstanding performance optimized for the most critical workloads. The HPE ProLiant Gen11 They are aimed at businesses that need to process modern workloads such as AI, web-based analytics, and cloud-native applications and feature processors 4th generation AMD EPYC.

This alliance goes far beyond the use or resale of processors, however, since HPE uses much of the technology developed by AMD as the basis of the processing “threads” that it offers throughout the portfolio of products offered through of HPE GreenLake, your computing platform as a service. A hybrid cloud proposal, in which companies enjoy the advantages of having a private cloud, in a consumption model very similar to that found in the public cloud.

We talk about all this and much more in “From the edge to the cloud: how HPE and AMD reinvent the data center”, an eBook that you can now download for free and in which, among other things, it will help you:

  • Understand how the data center will change in 2023.
  • Find out how the features of the new AMD EPYC 9004 processors change your business.
  • Understand how HPE and AMD enable you to do more with less.
  • Access all the power and flexibility that HPE GreenLake offers you.

A unique document in which you can see how AMD has marked a new turning point in a new generation of processors for servers, data centers and high-performance computing that is much more than a leap in raw power, since it brings together a series of values ​​so important that they are capable of guaranteeing the profitability and amortization of our investment. Also how HPE, thanks to HPE GreenLake puts all that power at your fingertips, with just a few clicks. Do not miss it!

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