From now on the Apple Watch SE comes with a USB-C charger

From now on, the Apple Watch SE will bring a new USB-C charger in the box, instead of the traditional USB-A socket charger. It is the same fast charger as the new Apple Watch Series 7.

But with Apple’s basic Apple Watch, even if it incorporates that new charger, it will not have fast charging. That remains exclusively for the new series that the company showed us this past Tuesday. It is still curious.

From now on, users who order an Apple Watch SE, the cheapest model in Apple’s catalog, will receive a USB-C charging cable upgraded inside the box, instead of the USB-A charging cable that I brought up until now.

Here you can see how Apple is gradually incorporating the USB-C connector as standard in most of its devices. Now it is the turn of the family of the Apple watch.

USB-C charger without fast charging

The new charger for the Apple Watch SE is the same USB-C fast charger that comes with the Apple Watch Series 7, but fast charging is limited to this year’s new series. Although the cable is the same, the Apple Watch SE will charge at standard speeds as before.

With the fast charging cable, the Series 7 can charge a 33 percent faster than with a standard Apple Watch charging disc thanks to the new charging architecture that is not integrated into the Apple Watch SE.

The Apple Watch SE product page confirms the update and lists the device with a “1m magnetic charger USB-C cable” instead of the standard magnetic cable it used USB-A. Apple previously had a non-fast-charging version of the Apple Watch USB-C cable, but it has been discontinued and replaced with the charging pad from the new Apple Watch Series 7.

While the Apple Watch Series 7 and Apple Watch SE will ship with an Apple Watch USB-C charging cable, the Apple Watch Series 3, you still have a USB-A charging cable. We will see if it will also be replaced.

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