From Twitter to Instagram Stories: it’s that easy to share tweets now

Twitter and Instagram Stories integration

At the end of last year Twitter began to test a new function through which they could share tweets that were published within the platform on other networks, in Instagram Stories to be more exact.

Thanks to it, many users could do something that until now they had been doing through the use of third-party tools or through more cumbersome and less attractive methods for various reasons. Although yes, this was an option available only for iOS users.

Well, that option that took advantage of the sharing options of Apple’s operating system now reaches everyone who uses the Twitter application on their iPhone or iPad. So you can start using an option that avoids dependence on third-party apps and improves aspects such as the readability of the tweets themselves.

The only problem, although it also has other details that could be polished to improve integration, is that still not an interactive solution that allows users to send users from Instagram Stories to Twitter. Still, it is an important improvement for all those who make intensive use of social networks and sis different options to publish content, but especially Twitter and Instagram.

Requirements to share tweets on Instagram Stories

Before seeing the process, which we already warned you is very easy to carry out, a couple of notes regarding who can use this new function:

  • The first thing is that it is only available to iOS users
  • To access it you have to go to the share menu of the Apple operating system
  • Android users do not have this option available through sharing

Therefore, to take advantage of the feature, you must have the Twitter application for iOS and iPadOS updated to the latest version. From here on, the process is as simple as you can see below.

How to post tweets to Instagram Stories directly

In order to post tweets directly to Instagram stories the process or steps to follow is as simple as you can read below:

  1. The first thing is to go to your Twitter application on your iOS device or iPad OS
  2. Publish or select the tweet published on said social network that you want to take to Instagram to share through their stories
  3. When you have it, tap on the icon that gives access to the iOS and iPadOS share menu
  4. In the new floating window that appears you will see an option called Instagram stories
  5. Tap on it and if it is the first time you will be asked if you want it to open the Instagram application
  6. When you say yes, the tweet will look the same as when you place a sticker or sticker to share with other users
  7. Change the size, position, rotation, add common elements like those you can add in any other story and click Send to
  8. You can share that tweet within a story with a single person, group or all your followers or users who can reach your profile
  9. Ready, your story will already be published with that tweet that you had previously published on Twitter or seen on the blue bird network

As you can see, the process couldn’t be easier.

Limitations of sharing Tweets on Instagram Stories

The publication of tweets in Instagram stories directly, taking advantage of this new option included by Twitter in its application to iOS and iPadOS devices, is that the stories are not interactive.

In other words, what is really being shared is an image. So it is as if you took a screenshot, cropped it so that only the tweet appeared and you gave it to create a new story, add the screenshot and that’s it.

Even so, facilitating this process through an action within the share menu is beneficial for the user since it saves a series of extra actions and the time it takes to carry them out.

It would be ideal if you could do like when you share an Instagram post on Twitter and have a link through which those who read or view your content on the blue bird network could reach your Instagram profile. But of course, that is not possible because adding a link in the stories is limited to those users who meet the requirement of having 10,000 users following them.

How to share tweets on Instagram if you use Android

Before we told you that this option to share tweets on Instagram Stories is something that at the moment is only available for iOS users. Therefore, if you use Android, if you want a similar option, you will have to resort to third-party applications.

For example, Twimmage is one of these apps. It is available for Android and also for iOS. Once installed on your device, you will only have to perform these simple steps:

  1. Select the tweet you want to share on Instagram
  2. Hit the Android share menu and select the Twimmage application
  3. Now you will have a series of options that allow you to customize the message, so you just have to do what you think is appropriate and that’s it.

This is one of the options, but there is more if you use the Google operating system. So it’s just a matter of seeing which one interests you the most. But the truth is that they are very useful options that help you to have a presence in different networks in a more comfortable way and without the need to invest more time. Although it will depend on what you want to do which interests you more or less.

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