Fujitsu has developed the world’s fastest quantum computer simulator

fujitsu has developed what is so far the world’s fastest quantum computer simulator. According to the company, its simulator is capable of managing 36-qubit quantum circuits in a cluster system, with its supercomputer PRIME HPC FX 700, which is equipped with the same CPU, the A64FPXwhich has the fastest supercomputer in the world, Fugaku, also developed by Fujitsu and which has 158,976 processors, each with 48 cores at 2.2 GHz.

The simulator can achieve a theoretical peak performance of 3,072 Teraflops in double precision floating point format calculations, has 32 GB of memory with a bandwidth of 1,024 GB per second and speeds of 12.5 GB per second when connecting nodes with InfiniBand.

As confirmed by the company, the quantum simulator is composed of 64 nodes on the PRIMEHPC FX 700 supercomputer, and can run the Qualacs quantum simulator software in parallel at high speed. The system has managed to practically double the performance of other similar machines developed by competitors in the field of quantum computing, such as IBM or Intel.

In addition, Fujitsu has advanced the development of a method that enables the efficient realignment of qubit states deployed in the cluster’s distributed memory, in accordance with the progress of the quantum circuit.

According to him Fujitsu CTO Vivek Mahajan«Today we are at the beginning of a new era in computing technology. Fujitsu has successfully developed the fastest quantum simulator by applying its leading experience in computing technologies cultivated over many decades. Going forward, we intend to leverage this new quantum simulator to enable our customers to accelerate the development of quantum applications, ultimately contributing to a sustainable world by solving a range of challenges facing society.«.

Looking ahead, among other things, Fujitsu plans to ally with fujifilm to use the quantum simulator for the materials science research. Fujitsu will provide the quantum simulator, while Fujifilm will implement the quantum chemical calculations. Both companies will be involved in the analysis of the results, and in the search for possible improvements to the calculations and investigations. At the same time, Fujitsu intends to develop a 40-qubit simulator for next September.

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