Fujitsu to Sponsor 40 Scholarships for Women in Cybersecurity

fujitsu will participate in the program Woman Digitaldriven by the Human Age Foundationwith the sponsorship of 40 cybersecurity training scholarships for women. With this initiative, Fujitsu wants to participate in supporting digitization among citizens, but also seeks to balance the gap between men and women in digital talent through actions that increase and improve the skills and abilities of women in the field of technology. The latter is in line with the objectives of the Human Age Foundation, which seeks to promote digital talent among women.

The training scholarships that Fujitsu has announced will consist of free access to specific official training in cybersecurity for the selected women. In this way, the company will promote the development of its digital talent, in addition to increasing its professional development in technology.

In the program, presented on March 16 with the presence of those selected to receive the training, women from different regions throughout Spain will participate. Scholarship courses and training will be taught between March and July 2022 and will be in charge of the Human Age Foundation.

On the other hand, this scholarship sponsorship initiative is part of the company’s strategy related to Employer Branding, which is aimed at digital profiles with a high level of demand in all types of companies and organizations.

With its launch, Fujitsu will also be able to publicize its job offers, in addition to participating in exclusive events that will take place in the “Digital Corner” that will be launched to, among other things, publicize the program’s candidates . In addition, if the participants in the program have given their consent in relation to the RGPD for the purposes pursued by the initiative, you will be able to access their profiles.

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