Fujitsu will give access to Fugaku technology with its Computing as a Service offering

fujitsu going to throw one offer Computing as a Service (CaaS), with which it will offer its customers around the world access, through the cloud, to some of today’s most advanced computing technologies. Among them, to the technology integrated in the most powerful and fastest supercomputer in the world today, Fugaku. Also to software applications that, among other things, will give customers the opportunity to solve problems using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

Of course, the offer will not be available from. righ now. We will have to wait several months, because it will not begin to be offered until next October in Japan. Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and the Americas will follow, but later.

As a first step in implementing this new offer, Fujitsu will start collecting requests to access your HPS Fujitsu Cloud Service that will allow customers to harness the power of the supercomputer Fujitsu PRIMEHPC FX1000. This computer is characterized by having the same CPU that is integrated in Fugaku.

The option to request access to the service for companies and the general public in Japan is now open, and as we have mentioned it will be made available to those who request it in Japan in October. In the coming months, Fujitsu will add more services to its Digital Annealer technology, which is inspired by quantum computing and includes Fugaku, and to its cloud services, to its computing-as-a-service offering.

The Fujitsu CTO Vivek Mahajanhas offered more details about this future computing offer as a service, assuring that «CaaS will offer customers seamless access to public cloud services that meet growing computing demands with agility, leveraging Fujitsu’s leading edge computing technologies. In the future we hope to further expand the portfolio, with access to technologies such as quantum computing. This step marks an important milestone towards the democratization of high-performance and quantum computing, and will play an important role in achieving Fujitsu’s purpose: to make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation.«.

In addition to helping its infrastructure, the company believes that its computing-as-a-service service can help ease deep-seated social problems, as well as changes in various sectors, such as banking, manufacturing, logistics, disaster prevention and health.

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