Fujitsu will use Qlik technology to improve data management

Fujitsu has implemented Qlik technology for accelerate data transformation and facilitate data-driven business operations across the company. The company, which is considered one of the leading technology companies in Japan, is undergoing a process of strengthening its data management capabilities. It does this by deploying a standardized approach to managing, capturing, collecting, and using data.

Thus, Fujitsu has implemented Qlik technology to 40,000 of its employees. This is approximately 33% of the company’s total workforce, which reaches 120,000 workers throughout the world.

Fujitsu’s goal by leveraging Qlik technology is to set up an environment where teams can quickly gain insights from data, as well as develop a data-driven culture across the organization. In addition, Qlik will help Fujitsu extend these capabilities so that it can achieve real-time data integration.

The Japanese company wants, with this step, to expand its data transformation and analysis strategy, enabling active intelligence. Also using the results and information obtained in the development of infrastructure, the change of internal culture and the development of human resources. His ultimate goal is to get the company’s management driven by real-time data.

Yuzuru Fukuda, CIO and Deputy CDXO of Fujitsuhas announced that they have established «a ‘Data Analysis Center’ to lead data-driven management throughout the Fujitsu Group, as well as to promote the ‘OneData’ program as a platform that advocates for the use of data. The direction and future potential of Qlik’s active intelligence is aligned with our actions to strengthen data-driven management. We highly recommend Qlik.”

The Qlik Japan Country Manager Hiroshi Imaivalues ​​that the implementation of its software by Fujitsu is only the beginning of several steps that it will take in order to reinforce its data strategy with Qlik, and points out that they are «We are delighted that Fujitsu’s use of Qlik to achieve a state of continuous intelligence from real-time updated information supports their data-driven management needs. Qlik will continue to support Fujitsu with the latest solutions to advance the company’s integrated data strategy.”

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