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For its part, the mouse has an ergonomic and contoured design valid for both right-handed and left-handed users, its sensor is optical and it has two DPI speeds that we can modify with the button that it incorporates for this. The bad part of the mouse is that it lacks side navigation buttons, something that we consider to be very necessary nowadays and more so in a mouse and keyboard combo that are more well designed for office automation.

Unboxing and external analysis

The Trust Trezo kit is packed in a full-color rigid cardboard box, on the front of which we can see an image of the keyboard and mouse and where it stands out that it is a wireless peripheral, as well as that it is designed to be very silent. .

On the back, the manufacturer defines its main features, such as the fact that it is ultra-quiet, that it is eco-friendly, or its battery life.

Trust Trezo

Let’s start as always by looking at the accessories; in this case, Trust includes three AA Duracell batteries (2 for the keyboard and 1 for the mouse), as well as a short user guide and a guarantee and safety leaflet.

Trust Trezo

An anti-interference USB extension cable for the receiver is also included.

Trust Trezo

Both the keyboard and the mouse are protected by a rather flimsy white cardboard, which tells us that it is made of paper and that it is completely recyclable.

Trust Trezo

Let’s start by looking at the mouse in this combo. It is made of ABS plastic, black on the bottom and silver on the top, with a fairly small and manageable size, symmetrical so that it is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users. It has just the two main click buttons, the mouse wheel, and an additional one in the center to change the sensitivity.

Trust Trezo

For the rest, there are no rubber inserts on the sides, no additional buttons or anything remarkable, except perhaps the logo of the brand in the palm area.

At the bottom we come across four small sliding Teflon feet, the sensor a little to one side, the on/off switch, and the battery cover.

This cover is simply removed by pulling back and reveals the hole to put the mouse’s battery, as well as a compartment where we find the USB wireless receiver stored.

We move on to the keyboard, with a full but compact format (there is very little separation between the function keys and the others, for example), with the oversized ESC key and ANSI format, so the ENTER is small compared to the normal ISO format .

Trust Trezo

The typography of the keys stands out quite a lot in white (remember that this keyboard does not have lighting), it is centered and it is quite large, so it looks very good.

Trust Trezo

In the upper left part we find a total of six multimedia keys.

Trust Trezo

And in the upper right, the on/off switch and the LED status indicators. Also here we have four additional keys that will be used to open the calculator, etc.

Trust Trezo

We also find the brand printed on top of the directional keys.

Trust Trezo

Before moving on to the next section of external analysis, we want to show you what their membrane mechanisms look like. We can remove the caps simply by carefully pulling upwards.

Trust Trezo

The keyboard doesn’t rise too high from the table, it’s quite slim at just 44mm.

Trust Trezo

We go to the back, where apart from the identification label we have a box in the upper central area for the batteries. In addition, there are three rubber inserts on the bottom and two – on the legs – on the top.

Trust Trezo

The legs allow us two additional heights, and all of them are rubberized.

In the battery receptacle, there is also a space in case we want to store the wireless receiver that came with the mouse from the factory.

Given how the Trust Trezo keyboard and mouse are, the time has come to put them into operation to tell you how they work.

Testing the Trezo Trust

If you’re used to a mechanical keyboard, when you transition to the Trezo combo keyboard at first it will feel a bit strange, both because of the key travel and the feel of the keys. However, if you’re coming from a membrane keyboard, you won’t notice much of a difference except for the fact that, as with all membrane keyboards when new, the feel is perhaps a bit spongy at first. However, this sensation ends up disappearing when you have been using it for a few hours, and as we said, it is completely normal and it happens in all membrane keyboards until they “give away” a bit.

The typing sensation, after a few hours to get used to it, is quite pleasant, although again if you are used to a mechanical keyboard you will perhaps notice it a bit slow, and it is not the same as the bounce of the key is caused by a spring that An eraser. All in all, you type very well and quite quickly on this keyboard, which by the way has a very important point and that is that, as the manufacturer promised, it is tremendously quiet, ideal for not disturbing anyone if you usually work at night in the pc.

Trust Trezo

To finish telling you about our feelings with the keyboard, we have to talk about the layout of its keys. Actually, it makes us a bit uncomfortable that it is ANSI and not ISO, although this is also a matter of habit. What we do find quite comfortable is its integrated wrist rest, allowing you to spend the day typing without suffering pain or discomfort in the wrists. The truth is that it is a perfect keyboard to use every day in an office job, although not so much for games (it is not a gaming keyboard after all).

As for the mouse, the behavior of its optical sensor is correct, although it is true that we miss more different DPI settings and that they were configurable, as well as the side buttons. It is a small and manageable mouse and with which you will not take long to get used to, although if you are a user with quite large hands (as is my case) and accustomed to a claw-type grip, you will never fully adapt to it. Anyway, we go back to the fact that it is not a mouse designed for gaming but for office automation, so it is not that you are using it all the time. By the way, the mouse is just as quiet as the keyboard.

Conclusion and verdict

With the Trezo combo, Trust offers us a wireless keyboard and mouse combo that are very comfortable to use for an office and work environment. It is clear that it is not a gaming-oriented product, but for what it has been designed, it perfectly fulfills its function.

We are facing a keyboard and mouse that are very comfortable to be used daily for many hours a day, something that is complemented by an excellent battery life that reaches one year for the mouse and four years for the keyboard, so in this case the fact that they work with batteries instead of battery is not a problem at all.

This is increased by the fact that we are facing one of the quietest mouse and keyboard combos on the market (if not the most, you would have to measure it to verify it), a point for those who do not want to lose concentration or that they do not want to disturb those around them when they are working on the PC.

Trust Trezo

Otherwise, we must once again praise the Trust’s commitment to sustainability in making the Trezo 85% made from recycled materials, quite an industry milestone and one that, frankly, we think everyone else should follow. In addition, they have managed to create very good quality products, so the fact that they are made with recycled material is not a point that makes us doubt, far from it, about their quality.

For all these reasons, we believe that the Trust Trezo deserves our Platinum award, as well as our recommendation for its design, especially for how quiet it is. In the same way, since this kit costs just 39.99 Euros, we believe that it is a very valuable product and that it also deserves a recommendation for its quality / price ratio.

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