Full screen or window, which offers better gaming performance

The answer to this question hardly has a clear answer, so we will have to focus on several aspects such as the advantages and disadvantages that we obtain in terms of the performance of a game if we run it in full screen or in windowed mode.

Play in full screen mode

When we run a game in full screen, as we can imagine, the image will occupy the full extent of the screen. In this case Windows gives you full control over the screen output, which means that what is being displayed has a higher priority. In the event that the game is optimized for the system and screen that we use, this mode has all the potential to improve the performance of a game.

Full screen game

When using full screen mode, the game will run at the resolution supported by the monitor. For example, if our monitor supports up to 1920 x 1080p, the game runs at 1080p. This means that the PC will dedicate much of your hardware resources for the game, although it also causes the system to stop rendering. In the event that we have two monitors, we will not be able to move between them with the mouse, having to use Alt + Tab to switch from one to the other, which can be a great inconvenience for more advanced players.

Use windowed mode to play in a smaller space

On the other hand, we have the option to play in window mode, which, as can be deduced from its name, the game runs in a window, without occupying the entire screen. Therefore, we will be able to resize it so that it runs in a smaller space. By doing this, on the one hand, we can increase game performance by reducing resolution, which means that the hardware doesn’t have to represent as much detail or just a bigger picture.

In contrast, in this game mode, the computer processes everything, including the wallpaper that requires more power and keeps other processes running in the background. The worst thing about playing in windowed mode is that we can find a higher probability of delay and even the game can look worse as the size is smaller as the fps also drops.

Which option to use for best performance?

As we have discussed each display method, it can affect the performance of the game differently, so it will also influence the technical requirements of the game and the ability to support it of our hardware. In the event that we want to dedicate all the power of the computer, the best option is to run the game to full screen. On the other hand, if our hardware is more limited and the game is demanding, the window mode It will allow us to play at a more specific size, in the same way that it offers us the possibility of being able to perform other tasks simultaneously.

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