Full&fast seeks financing to manufacture green energy storage technology

The company specialized in the design, development and commercialization of portable energy storage systems, launches a round of financing to manufacture in series, its first product and continue to develop new equipment that incorporates its power technology. Its equipment offers companies access to green energy, where and when it is needed. Without having to resort to generator sets. The €400,000 round will be carried out through the participatory financing platform, Fellow Funders, with tickets starting at €1,000.

Full&fast develops its own technology to supply electrical energy in a portable and flexible way, a pioneer in the market (registered patent), from a 50 kW power module and an efficiency of 98%. With the advantage of being independent of the type of battery (chemical), and can also use new or used batteries (second life).

This technology can supply electricity to users who do not have any other form of power, either because they are in a remote place, because their normal source of supply has failed or because for reasons of space/security they cannot resort to an autonomous generator powered by electricity. gasoline or diesel fuels. It also allows, through the efficient use of accumulation, to reduce the costs derived from electricity consumption (power term and electricity rate). Your first product, GreenEl, It allows to compete in cost per unit of energy delivered against the generator set of the same power, a 50% reduction in maintenance costs, 0 certified emissions, a 48% reduction in noise and 3 times more efficiency per unit of energy delivered.

The full&fast technology is based in the improvement of power electronics (energy control). Thus developing a parallelizable technology, 80 times more powerful in the same weight and size than current solutions on the market, to provide greater capacity, maintaining modularity and flexibility, for those who need a constant flow of energy.

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Its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals is real and measurable, focusing on the following: 7 ‘Affordable and clean energy’, 9 ‘Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure’, and 11 ‘Sustainable cities and communities’. To date, the company has made 4 prototypes that are running in pilot tests with companies (more than 15) and that demonstrate an average CO₂ saving of 100%, certifying the renewable origin of the energy supplied.

The company has recently been the winner of the 4th edition of the La Nave acceleration program and awarded as an emerging product at the annual gala of the Energy Cluster of Catalonia. In addition, it has been awarded the aid of the “Moves Proyectos Singulares II” plan with its proposal “Mobile power solution to meet demand without recharging infrastructure on a temporary basis”. With this project, full&fast seeks to demonstrate, by parallelizing its power modules, its ability to increase capacities according to final needs. To do so, its power modules will be integrated with second-life batteries supplied by the Navarra company BeePlanet Factory in 3-meter containers.

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