Functions that Windows Explorer does not have and their alternatives do

Most of you already know that this is a functionality that greatly facilitates the treatment of files and folders. Whereas in the past this type of work had to be done using commands, something that is still possible, the browser interface simplifies and speeds up these tasks. In this way and with a few mouse clicks we have the possibility to copy, move or delete all kinds of content in the operating system. In addition, this is a function that has been accompanying us almost since the Windows startups.

It is true that it has evolved to a great extent, but perhaps not as much as most of the users would like. In fact, many of these have long complained to the Redmond firm to implement a profound change in File Explorer. It appears that Microsoft has finally taken these words seriously and is working on a major improvement. But we have known these rumors for a long time and we do not know when it will end in a definitive way.

Precisely for all these reasons, more and more people are choosing to use external third-party alternatives. With this, what we want to tell you is that many users end up installing programs that act as the Explorer, but that have nothing to do with Microsoft. There are several reasons that are written for this decision, something that we are going to show you in these same lines.

An Explorer with support for tabs

If there is a function that has been waiting for a long time the usual from the operating system of Microsoft, that is the one that at the time was known as Sets. By this we mean the possibility of being able to use different tabs in Windows’ integrated programs and functions. Its operation would be very similar to that of the tabs that we usually use in the browser. In this way we could open several independent sessions of the same application in different tabs and in a single window.

As you can imagine the advantages that all this would offer us if we apply it to the file explorer, they are almost infinite. It is worth mentioning that many of the external programs of this type already present us with this possibility. Hence, users tend to choose these external alternatives to work with their files.

Improve its operation thanks to the multiple panels

In the browser integrated in Windows we are used to using two panels by default, one with the units and the other with the contents. However, the external proposals that we are talking about in these same lines propose the use of multiple panels. In fact, many times we will be able to choose and customize the number of them. This will allow us to interact in a much more comfortable way with the contents of our disk drives.

At the same time, it prevents us from having to open several independent windows to be able to move or copy these files and folders. It is evident that in each of the panels we will be able to open different locations of different disk units.

Have a File Explorer with many additional features

You already know that this element that we are talking about in Windows is very important when it comes to managing the contents of the PC’s discs. However, it is also true that we can not only limit ourselves to copying, moving and delete the same, but we can go much further. This is something that children are fully aware of. developers external alternatives, so they try to offer their potential users everything they need for this content.

Hence, they fill their projects with additional functions. Here we refer to items such as a compressor, a defragmenter, a viewer of all types of files, a drive analyzer, secure erase function, etc.

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