Fundación and The Morning Show closed their season yesterday on Apple TV +

Bittersweet week of premieres on Apple TV + and is that the premiere of a new children’s series and a long-awaited documentary come together with the farewell of two of its most viewed series. Keep reading if you want to be aware, as we review all the premieres of the week on Apple TV +, in addition to making a preview of the next ones already confirmed.

The Morning Show says goodbye with no confirmed third season

It was one of the platform’s star series when it was launched back in November 2021. Starring Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Billy Crudup and Steve Carell among others, the series yesterday issued the last chapter of its second season, which is the twentieth in the series. And, surprisingly enough, it doesn’t have a confirmed third batch of episodes as of today. Does this mean that it will not renew? Not necessarily, since we saw other cases such as Mythic Quest that he renewed for a third when months have passed since the premiere of the second. However, there is no information yet on what will happen with this.

Foundation also says goodbye, but will return

The Apple’s big bet of the year, based on the science fiction novels by Isaac Asimov, also dismissed its season yesterday. In this case, it is the first batch that closes, issuing its tenth chapter. In his case, everything is left open and fortunately for his fans, he has a second season confirmed. Of course, it is unknown on what dates it will be released, and it may be at the end of 2022 or already at the beginning of 2023.

Other top premieres of the week

These two series are joined by the premiere of documentary The Line, based on the controversial case of the US Navy that, in 2018, accused its superior of war crimes. There is also good news for the little ones with the premiere of Harriet the spy, a new animated series that has already broadcast all its chapters in full.

Apart from this, we find the broadcast of chapters of these series:

  • Acapulco: Chapter 8 of the first season.
  • Dickinson: Chapter 5 of the third and final season.
  • Dr. Brain: Chapter 3 of the first season.
  • Invasion: Chapter 6 of the first season.
  • Swagger: Chapter 5 of the first season.
  • The Shrink Next Door: Chapter 4 of the first season.

The next thing to come

This week a new sequel to Los Fraguel, the popular children’s puppet series that will have a new series on Apple TV + with the nickname “The Adventure Continues” and that will arrive on January 21. Same day it will be released Afterparty, a new suspense series that was pending to confirm its premiere date.

The complete schedule of confirmed premieres that exists today is this:

  • Fight before christmas: new film that will be released next Friday (November 26).
  • The Magic continues with Mariah Carey: Christmas special that will premiere on December 4.
  • The swan song: new movie to be released on December 17th.
  • Macbeth: new movie to be released on January 14th.
  • Afterparty: new series that will premiere on January 21.
  • Servant: third season of the series that will premiere on January 21.

It should be noted that there are other premieres that could be confirmed in the coming weeks and to be released before the end of the year. Looking at 2022, these are the contents that are confirmed, but still undated:

  • Cycles: third season of the series
  • Killers of the Flower Moon: new movie
  • The Mosquito Coast: second season of the series
  • Laison: New serie
  • Magic Johnson: new docuseries inspired by the former NBA player
  • Mythic Quest: third season of the series
  • Now and Then: New serie
  • For all humanity: third season of the series
  • Ted Lasso: third season of the series
  • Tehran: second season of the series
  • The Reluctant Traveler: new program

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