Furukawa Electric chooses Spain as the headquarters for EMEA of the activity of its connectivity area

Spain It will be the Furukawa Electric EMEA Connectivity System Headquarters. The company, of Japanese origin, is specialized in the manufacture of solutions for communication and energy network infrastructure, and Madrid will be the point where the proposal and implementations of connectivity in the region are coordinated.

Diego Martín will be the manager for EMEA of Furukawa Connectivity System, a position to which he is promoted after 14 years with the company. During his career, he has managed the operations of Furukawa Electric in the Southern Cone, and has more than 25 years of experience in the international telecommunications market.

Furukawa Electric was founded in 1884, and from then until now it has grown and evolved to become a worldwide corporation, with its activity diversified in the telecommunications, metals, energy or automotive systems sectors, among others. It has developed an international network of industries throughout Asia, North America, Europe, Africa and Latin America. It currently has more than a hundred affiliated companies, as well as development laboratories ready for the implementation of new technologies and products. Around 55,000 people around the world work for her.

For Diego Martin, «cCollaborating with Furukawa’s expansion in Europe, the Middle East and Africa is an exciting challenge. One of the main objectives of the company is to help improve the lives of people and societies in each region in which we operate. To do this, we contribute our experience in the development of communications infrastructure designs, products, solutions and services. focused for this purpose”.

Regarding the choice of Spain as the center of the company’s connectivity operations for EMEA, Martín underlined that Spain has a strategic location; From a logistical point of view, it is one of the most important gateways to Europe and allows us to consolidate our inventory and move it easily, not only within Europe but also to the Middle East and Africa. Another reason for choosing Spain is that many of the international clients with whom we work globally have important operations in Spain in the industry, telecommunications and commerce sectors. Its internal market is also very interesting for our products and solutions, since it is one of the main countries in the region with greater connectivity, which has been modernizing its large cities, interconnecting cities and investing in infrastructure.”.

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