FUT packs in FIFA 22 can be viewed before purchasing

Although we could already see a first test in the current FIFA 21, it seems that EA will finally integrate the function of being able to see the content of the packs before buying them in FUT. It is a measure that favors the user, so that if they want to tempt randomly, they can offer the real opportunity to make the final decision to buy the envelope or not according to their interests. And it is that getting the best FIFA players can be quite expensive.

The transparent FIFA 22 envelopes

Through an official publication on the brand’s blog, EA has announced that after seeing and verifying the positivism with which users received the function of the envelopes, the company will definitely add the option after testing it at first in FIFA 21. This option allows players to check the content of an envelope before buying it, thus being able to discover if the envelope they are going to buy will finally include Messi, with the peculiarity that they will not spend any money if they decide not to finally buy the envelope. .

This feature will be available on all platforms, both on Xbox Series X | S, Stadia and PS5 as well as on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. This means that in the case of this function there will be no differences between the next gen versions and the rest of the platforms, something that does happen with technology Hypermotion, for instance.

Will they sell fewer envelopes?

FIFA preview envelopes

You may initially think that this measure will reduce the sale of envelopes among the public, but in reality, with honesty ahead, the opposite effect could be achieved, since users would have a hard time letting go of a great letter they have in front of his eyes.

Once the contents of the envelope have been revealed, the player will be able to use FIFA Points or FUT Coins to complete the purchase, and both Premium Gold Pack As the Premium Silver Pack They will have a 24 hour timer to indicate when a new envelope will appear to reveal its interior. There will be a version with Preview and without Preview, but we do not know the statistics of probability of prizes that each of the packs offers, so it will be something that we will have to discover when we have the game.

When does FIFA 22 arrive?

FIFA best players

The launch of FIFA 22 is scheduled for the next October 1st, so it will not be until then when we can get a copy of the game to discover each and every one of the new features that have been integrated. At the moment we do not know anything about the supposed demo that will allow us to play friendlies with some teams in the game, but seeing the date we are in, it is most likely that EA is motivating players to try its EA Play service and thus test 10 hours game of FIFA 22 completely free.

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