G-SHOCK launches a special edition with… Rubik’s Cube!

There are alliances that are amazing on paper, but have a certain meaning once the product is finished. This is the case for this new G-SHOCK which uses the colors of the iconic Rubik’s Cube!

At first glance, a Rubik’s Cube and a G-SHOCK watch don’t have much in common. But the watchmaker decided otherwise and the result is worth a look. This new G-SHOCK, dubbed GAE-2100RC-1AER, is based on the iconic GA-2100 model, but with strong inspiration from the Rubik’s Cube.

At the time of the cube

We find on the wrist the typical colors of the cube to play, obviously in the dial with an isometric representation of the Rubik’s Cube, but also in the bracelet with typical colored elements. The bracelet is also marked with the Rubik’s logo. Something to seduce all fans of the diabolical game!

And that’s not all, G-SHOCK also offers an interchangeable bezel system: there is one in black and another in white, which will allow you to vary the pleasures and satisfy the tastes of as many people as possible. Apart from the design, this G-SHOCK retains the advantages of the watch that we know well, in particular the Carbon Core Guard protection technology which gives it robustness and durability.

Credit: G-SHOCK

Water resistance is also a strong point of the watch, since it can be submerged up to 200 meters without worry. And the dial still offers an analog/digital display. This partnership between the two brands is “ very natural “says G-SHOCK, because” there are many synergies between G-SHOCK’s approach to watchmaking and the iconic Rubik’s Cube “. Everyone will be the judge, but the result has the merit of originality.

Remember that the Rubik’s Cube has sold more than 450 million units since its creation in 1974 (not counting the countless clones!). The G-SHOCK recently surpassed 100 million units sold. This model will be available from the end of February, in G-SHOCK’s physical and online stores, at a price of €149.

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