Gabby Petito: They find “human remains” in search of the boyfriend of the murdered influencer

Authorities found human remains in a nature reserve in Florida, United States, where they were looking for the missing boyfriend of Gabby Petito, a young American influencer murdered weeks ago, said the US federal police, the FBI.

The police also found a notebook and a backpack belonging to Petito’s boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, whom agents consider “a person of interest” in the investigation into the death of the young woman who documented her travels on Instagram.

“These items turned up in an area that until recently had been underwater,” explained FBI agent Michael McPherson.

Forensic teams are examining the area of ​​the find, in the nature reserve Carlton, where they will probably spend several days, he added.

How did the events happen?

Laundrie and Petito They left New York in July to tour the western United States in a pickup truck for four months. But on September 1, the boy returned alone to his home in North Port, where the couple lived with the Laundrie family.

The disappearance of Petito attracted enormous media attention in the country, fueled by the discovery of her body in Wyoming on September 19, and the announcement that she died by strangulation.

Shortly after his return to Florida, Laundrie, 23, disappeared after refusing to answer police questions.

His parents and the police had met this Wednesday morning to try to locate the young man on the Carlton reservation.

In case of Petito She started causing a stir on the internet when her family reported her disappearance on September 11 and claimed they had not seen her since the end of August.

A video released by police in Moab, a small town in Utah, raised suspicions around Laundrie.

In the pictures, Petito, 22, is found crying in a car after police intervened on August 12 over a domestic dispute.

The story of this young American blonde is sadly common in a country where hundreds of thousands of people go missing every year.

But the media attention given to the case has sparked controversy over the disproportionate attention paid to the disappearances of white women compared to those of minority origin.

With information from AFP


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