Gaia-X helps Talavera de la Reina to become the center of the data economy in Spain

Talavera of the Queen it is becoming the center of the data and cloud economy in Spain. The city of Toledo has been chosen by Meta to develop what will probably be its largest data center in Europe, and now it is also confirmed that will be the headquarters in Spain of Gaia-X. To this end, the locality has established the Gaia-X Association Spain, with which the first step is taken for the implementation of said hub. Thanks to him, the region of Toledo will be the center of the development of the national business fabric that deals with creating open data spaces that have the purpose of guaranteeing their sharing in a safe way.

Gaia-X is a private, European-wide initiative created to implement an open and federated data infrastructure to support the EU in its achievement of digital autonomy in cloud computing and storage. Thus, it seeks to offer a secure alternative to companies and entities that generate data to control where they are stored, in order to better control their access and reuse.

This initiative, supported by the Government, has been launched within the framework of the Digital Spain Agenda, which among its purposes has the promotion of progress towards the data economy thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, which the authorities want that at least a quarter of Spanish companies use by 2025. Spain joined the project in 2021, and did so with the aim of giving a boost to the data economy in Spain.

At that time, a group of entities was launched in charge of starting up the association that has just been constituted. This promoter group, made up of 57 public and private entities (companies of all sizes, research centers and public administrations) from the data sharing sector, has been in charge of drafting its statutes and establishing it. At the same time, they have been in charge of choosing the headquarters of the association, for which a dozen applications were submitted. Finally, last December they chose Talavera de la Reina as the headquarters of Gaia-X Spain, to which more than 180 entities are expected to join.

In the start-up of the Gaia-X Spain Association, the First Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calviñowhich has expressed the Government’s desire for Spain to lead the data economy in Europe in general, and in particular, to be at the forefront in the European tourism data space.

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