Galactic Civilizations III, a totally free strategy “game” on Epic

Galactic Civilizations III is the video game that the Epic Games Store is giving away this week. If you don’t have it in your library and if – like me – you’re interested in the strategy genre, you must not let it pass no way.

In order to boost its digital video game store, Epic follows the strategy of delivering free games every week. The second of the year arrives on the exact same date as last year, so you probably already have it. It is worth it and more if you can have it totally free and forever.

Galactic Civilizations III

Master of Orion It was one of the games that I dedicated the most time to in those first years of using PCs in the early 90’s. There are other genres that are best played on consoles, but the natural terrain of this has been and will be a personal computer. I have always liked the strategy genre in both board and digital games and that was a glorious time in the bit world with spectacular games like Civilization, Heroes of Might and Magic, XCom, Colonization, Railroad Tycoon, Master of Magic… most of them created by the legendary studio that the oldest of the place will remember: MicroProse.

I bring it up because today I highly recommend the game that Epic Games Store gives away. For my taste and although there are other noteworthy, it is the saga that has best recreated the universe raised in Master of Orion, the “Space Civilization.” And I say universe because it is about 4X turn-based strategy set in the deep cosmos.

We are talking about starting almost from scratch with one of the dozen civilizations that the game offers or the custom ones that the player can create. From there, it’s time to explore to colonize new worlds, develop systems and starships, research new technologies, negotiate trade agreements with other races, spy on them, and definitely go to war to bring your civilization to the top in some of the ways the game offers for you. win and that will depend on the same race you choose or your style of play.

Although there was a lot of companion content published by Stardock, this free license includes the base game of Galactic Civilizations III, the Crusade and Retribution expansions, in addition to the complementary content Mega Events.


One of the advantages of this type of game distributed a few years ago (this one is from 2015) is that any user will be able to play it since its minimum hardware requirements are within the reach of any PC. Namely:

  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD K10 dual-core
  • RAM memory: 4 GB of RAM
  • Storage: 12 GB of disk space
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon HD5 Series / NVIDIA GeForce 5 Series or an integrated Intel HD 4000
  • Windows operating systems (from W7)

Galactic Civilizations III will be available to claim for free on the Epic Games Store Until 20th of January. You just have to enter your account in this link in the store and click on the get button. The game is highly recommended, but a warning: you can run out of life thinking ‘just one more turn’ because the game is highly addictive.

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