Galaxy S21, S20: Samsung will sell spare parts to repair your smartphone yourself

Samsung will allow its customers to repair their Galaxy S21 or Galaxy S20 themselves. To help its American users, the brand will provide official spare parts and guides written with the help of iFixit experts.

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Samsung has just announced the launch of an ambitious repair program in the United States. During the summer, the South Korean giant will provide spare parts, tools and guides to help consumers repair their smartphones on their own.

Initially, only a few references from the Samsung catalog are offered for repair under the program. These are the Galaxy S21 range (S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra), Galaxy S20 (S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra) and the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus tablet. “Samsung plans to expand self-repair to more devices in the future”promises the manufacturer.

Samsung partners with iFixit to provide repair guides

According to Samsung, its customers will get “genuine parts, repair tools and intuitive, visual, step-by-step repair guides” designed in partnership with repair expert iFixit.

With these manuals and tools, customers will be able to replace screen their Galaxy S21/S20 or tablet, replace the back side or the USB-C charging port. After the repair is complete, consumers will be asked to return the used parts to Samsung for recycling through the post office.

This program will come add to the various services offered by the brand customers wishing to repair their telephone. In the United States, the firm offers repairs in an official store or an approved center or at home. Samsung teams travel to the customer’s residence to carry out the repair. Finally, Samsung also offers to send a phone in need of repair by post or by a carrier such as UPS.

As a reminder, Apple launched a similar program last November, Self Service Repair. The program allows users to repair their iPhones, iPads or MacBooks themselves using official spare parts provided by Apple. Will other manufacturers do the same?

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