Galaxy S22: Caviar presents its customized versions at 6300€

It was only a matter of time before Caviar unveiled its deluxe editions of the Galaxy S22s. This year, the manufacturer remains relatively wise with only €6,300 for its most expensive model. There are of course gold versions, accompanied by titanium and carbon fiber plates.

Credits: Caviar

A fortnight after the official launch of the Galaxy S22, Caviar its now traditional range of luxury models. The Russian manufacturer has now established itself in the world of tech as the reference to know when you want (and have the means to) acquire a unique version of the latest device in vogue. Samsung’s new flagships are no exception, since Caviar now offers no less than 6 customized models for sale.

Let’s start right away with the most interesting, namely the most expensive: the Ocelot. This Galaxy S22 Ultra, whose design is inspired by the Art Deco movement, is covered with a 24-karat gold plate and a second laser-engraved titanium plate. Count the trifle of 7140 dollars, or about 6300 euros, to get it. This is undoubtedly a certain sum, but we will still note a strong drop in price compared to last year.

galaxy s22 ultra caviar 2
Credits: Caviar

Caviar lowers prices on its customized Galaxy S22 (but not enough)

Indeed, its most expensive version of the Galaxy S21 was €77,230 in 2021. Above all, we are still a long way from the €1.5 million PS5 marketed at the end of 2020. So we meet again this year with slightly less prestigious models, but, rest assured, just as luxurious. Just below is the Great Gasby (or Gatsby the Magnificent) which is entitled to the same treatment as its range neighbor but a bit cheaper, namely 6150 €.

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The Titanium, Victory, Drive and Bird of Prey models complete this collection, with prices ranging between €5,750 and €6,100. Note that these prices are for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, but that Caviar also offers its designs for the standard and Plus versions, which is a little cheaper. In total, only 99 smartphones will be produced. It will therefore be necessary to hurry to get your hands on it.

galaxy s22 ultra caviar 3
Credits: Caviar

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