Galaxy S22: Samsung does not increase prices except on the most expensive models

Samsung today introduced its three Galaxy S22s. To the great relief of users, the price list has changed very little compared to that of the Galaxy S21. Only the Ultra models show an increase of €20 to €50. Excellent news that comes in a climate of general price increases among manufacturers.

That’s it, the Galaxy S22 are finally official. After months of rumors, which have revealed almost everything we need to know about Samsung’s new top smartphones, the brand has revealed the last unknowns at its Unpacked conference this afternoon. Alongside the Galaxy Tab S8, three new models are joining the ranks of the top of the range: the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+ and Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Besides the many hardware improvements, the big question was of course the price. The latter made their first appearance during a leak orchestrated by Roland Quandt, and it seems that the leaker saw – overall – right. Here is the complete price list of the three Galaxy S22s:

  • Galaxy S22 (8GB RAM/128GB Storage): 859 €
  • Galaxy S22 (8GB RAM/256GB Storage): 909€
  • Galaxy S22+ (8GB RAM/128GB Storage): 1059 €
  • Galaxy S22+ (8GB RAM/256GB Storage): 1109 €
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra (8GB RAM/256GB Storage): 1259 €
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra (12GB RAM/256GB Storage): 1359 €
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra (12GB RAM/512GB Storage): 1459 €

Samsung stays the course on the price of the Galaxy S22

If we compare these prices to the Galaxy S21 price list, we finally notice quite a few changes. Except for the Ultra models with 256 GB and 512 GB of RAM, the prices are exactly the same as the previous generation. On the other hand, the latter are respectively €50 and €20 more expensive than their predecessors. Note that to arrive at these figures, Samsung had no choice but to sacrifice the RAM of the first Ultra model, now offered at 8 GB against 12 GB starting last year.

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Still, this is great news for users. The Galaxy S21s had already started a first price drop, and Samsung seems to want to maintain this course with its new generations. No doubt it will bea shock argument against Appleits main rival, but also against other manufacturers who, like Huawei, do not hesitate to increase the price by several tens of euros each year.

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