Galaxy S22: Samsung recycles fishing nets to build its smartphones

Samsung used recycled fishing nets to make its Galaxy S22s. Shortly before the official presentation, the South Korean giant reveals that it has recycled waste found in the ocean to minimize the environmental impact of its new range of smartphones.

Incredible but true: the Galaxy S22s are partly made of recycled fishing nets that were lying around in the ocean. In a press release, Samsung explains that it has “developed a new material” who is “made with discarded fishing nets” in water.

According to the manufacturer, anxious to seduce committed consumers, all future Galaxy smartphones will use this new material. This initiative is part of the program called “Galaxy for the Planet” which aims to limit the environmental footprint of phone production and the depletion of the planet’s resources. Announced last November, this program has drawn up a list of objectives to be achieved for 2025. Samsung aims in particular “to incorporate recycled materials into all its products” by then.

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Samsung explains why fishing nets make up the Galaxy S22

In its communication campaign, Samsung claims that we find 640,000 tonnes of fishing nets at the bottom of the ocean. To prove its point, the South Korean group refers to a study carried out by the United Nations Environment Program in 2009. The study points to the non-biodegradable nets abandoned by fishing boats in certain areas, such as the equator. The report has also encouraged fishermen to recover as many nets as possible for several years.

The firm argues that these “ghost” nets damage coral reefs and the natural habitat of fish and other underwater species. “These discarded fishing nets are upsetting the delicate balance of our environment at an alarming rate. Collecting and repurposing these nets is one of the vital first steps in keeping our oceans clean as well as preserving the planet.”, says Samsung, without specifying in what proportions the nets are used to design the Galaxy S22.

As a reminder, Samsung will present the Galaxy S22 this Wednesday, February 9, 2022. Pre-orders should open immediately, with a pair of Galaxy Buds Pro offered for first-time buyers.

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