Galaxy S22: Samsung still ignores rapid Android updates

Bad news for future Galaxy S22 owners. None of the smartphones in the new series support rapid updates, unlike most of their competitors on Android.

“Seamless updates”, first introduced in 2016 and available on most Android smartphones, allow firmware updates to be installed on a secondary partition while the phone remains in service. In other words, this feature allows users to continue using their smartphone while it updates.

This has quite a few advantages, such as a lower risk of corrupted data during an update, but also the simple fact that your phone is not out of order for the duration of the update, preventing you from making emergency calls, for example. Samsung, which will however offer fixes for 5 years on its Galaxy S22, still ignores this feature, as was already the case with the Galaxy S21 last year.

Samsung still refuses to support rapid Android updates

Although the Galaxy S22s are high-end smartphones, these will not have the latest technology to allow them to update in the background. Previously, we thought that Google was going to make the seamless updates feature mandatory with the arrival of Android 11, but the American giant finally backtracked at the last moment. This gives Samsung reason enough to ignore this feature and continue to offer longer updates on its devices.

We do not know, however, Samsung still refuses to adopt this feature, which is very useful for users. Adopting this method for updates could be problematic with the One UI overlay, because it takes up a lot of storage space. Smartphones should then create a space of several gigabytes with each update. Anyway, the Galaxy S22 will be available from next February 25 for the Ultra model, and will be accompanied bya new in-house overlay from Samsung: One UI 4.1. This new update brings some interesting new features, including the ability to use 8 GB of additional virtual RAM.

Source: 9to5Google

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