Galaxy S22 Ultra: 108-megapixel sensor can take macro photos

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is said to have an improved macro mode. According to a leak, the smartphone’s 108-megapixel photo sensor is capable of improving the level of detail in close-up photos. Another leak also reveals the list of official accessories that will be sold by Samsung.

galaxy s22 ultra
Credit: OnLeaks

According to the leaks that have appeared on the web in recent months, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the most premium model in the Galaxy S22 range, should be satisfied witha main 108 megapixel photo sensor, like its predecessor, the S21 Ultra. Rumors of a 200 megapixel lens have recently fizzled out.

However, this main objective would not be devoid of novelties. According to information shared by Ice Universe, famous leaker, Samsung would have drastically improved 108 megapixel module intended for its future flagship. The informant mentions a “New mode for improving image quality” capable of improving photo results, including level of detail, brightness and color.

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Samsung prepares improved macro mode with 108-megapixel photo sensor

A report from ITMaterial, a reputable South Korean media, agrees and provides more information on the novelties of the 108 megapixel sensor. Apparently Samsung will include a “macro” functionality directly on the main module. This lens will allow you to take detailed close-up photos thanks to a feature called “Detail enhancer”.

It is not impossible that the option will appear on previous Samsung smartphones which are equipped with a 108 megapixel lens. The Seoul giant is in fact used to offering certain new software on its old terminals.

In parallel, the list of accessories accompanying the Galaxy S22 appeared on the official website of Box, a British retailer. We discover a total of 66 cases different compatible with several models in the range. For the S22 / S22 +, Samsung will offer transparent cases, transparent covers that keep the phone upright, leather covers, silicone covers (with and without straps), Smart Clear View cases and Smart LED View cases.

For the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung will market similar accessories. We will note the absence of shells capable of accommodating the S-Pen stylus, which confirms that the accessory can be placed directly in the structure of the telephone. The latest news is that Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy S22 sometime in February.

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