Galaxy S22 Ultra: a new bug prevents the GPS from working properly

The Galaxy S22 Ultra continues to be talked about for the wrong reasons, as some smartphone owners recently reported a bug with GPS not working on most apps.

Although the Galaxy S22 were a real commercial success for Samsung, after several years of plummeting sales, their launch was surrounded by controversy and controversy. many bugs that have spoiled the experience for some users. Indeed, we had for example reported that the screens of smartphones displayed large lines of pixels, but Samsung had finally corrected the situation with an update.

The Galaxy S22s are now affected by another problem, in particular the Ultra model. Many users have reported on Samsung forums that the GPS of their Galaxy S22 Ultra did not work after the first configuration of the smartphone, or when the latter has been inactive for a certain period of time.

Galaxy S22 Ultra GPS no longer works

According to people who have reported the issue, navigation apps such as Google Maps display a “cannot find GPS” error. Some users reportedly managed to resolve the issue by resetting network settings or system settings, but others still face the same problem after several restarts.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra that we were able to test in writing also suffered the same problem. This one had a lot of trouble locating us, since it took almost a minute for the smartphone before it was able to indicate our exact position.

Luckily, it appears to be an issue that Samsung will be able to fix in a future update. This new bug occurs in a fairly tense context for Samsung devicesas the Galaxy S22s are already facing the wrath of fans around the world due to the clamping set up by the manufacturer. The extent of the controversy has also forced Samsung to apologize publicly, before promising that it would work to correct the various problems of the smartphone.

Source: Samsung Forums

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