Galaxy S23 Ultra: except for the 200 MP sensor, the photo part will be identical to that of the Galaxy S22 Ultra

We now know the complete technical sheet of the photo part of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. We already knew that it will carry a 200 MP sensor, we now know that it will be accompanied by a 10 MP periscope sensor, a 10 MP telephoto sensor and a 12 MP ultra wide-angle sensor. That’s exactly the same combination as the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Credit: OnLeaks

The thing has been looming for several weeks now: in many respects, the Galaxy S23 Ultra looks relatively similar to its predecessor. If its technical sheet is far from leaving something to be desired, it is clear that Samsung has decided to reuse several components present on the Galaxy S22 Ultra. One exception, however, is already enough to convince many users to be tempted by the future flagship. Indeed, the Korean manufacturer will replace the main 108 MP sensor of its smartphone with a 200 MP sensor.

Also, many expected to see the photo part improve as a whole. After all, if the main sensor is entitled to an improvement, why not the rest? Suffice to say that they may be disappointed. The leaker Yogesh Brar has just revealed the complete configuration of the photo part of the Galaxy S23 Ultra and the change is not really in order. Apart from the 200 MP sensor, we should find exactly the same technical sheet as the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra will shine with its 200 MP sensor, but that’s it

Thus, according to the leaker, the 200 MP sensor will therefore be accompanied by a 10 MP periscope sensor, a 10 MP telephoto sensor and a 12 MP ultra wide-angle sensor. In short, no improvement over the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which can hardly be called a surprise. Indeed, it is not uncommon for Samsung to recycle some of its components from generation to regeneration, as will be the case for the battery on the next one, for example.

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Especially since the 200 MP sensor remains a notable difference compared to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, since it already promises to be the best sensor on the market, just that. In other words, users can still expect an improvement in the photo part for the new flagship. At least, let’s hope so.

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