Galaxy Z Fold 3: Samsung sold 4 times more foldable smartphones in 2021 than last year

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 allowed Samsung to explode its sales of foldable smartphones in 2021. The month of its release, the Korean firm sold more copies throughout 2020. A performance obtained thanks to the excellent phone quality, but above all at a reduced price that has not gone unnoticed.

samsung galaxy z fold 3 test

The year 2021 will have been marked by the release of the Galaxy Z Fold 3, which clearly changed the situation in the world of foldable smartphones. The flagship fulfills its role to near perfection and quickly established itself as a real standard in the sector. To the point of doing shake the competition : Google would have indeed canceled the launch of its Pixel Fold, fearing not to be up to the task.

This success can be seen in sales. Without giving exact figures, Samsung claimed to have passed four times more foldable smartphones this year than in 2020. It’s hard not to make the link with the launch of the Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 last August. In addition, this month alone, the manufacturer sold more devices than in all of 2020.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 exploded in sales of foldable smartphones in 2021

Samsung adds that the Z Flip 3 attracted more users then in the competition than his Galaxy S21. It must be said that the smartphone has a strong argument: its price. While the Z Fold 3 can still scare some consumers by selling for € 1,799, its little brother has been able to stir up envy with its price of € 1,059, thereby aligning itself with the prices of the iPhone 13. Provigil Online

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It is therefore likely that Samsung has reached its goal of 4 million Galaxy Z Fold 3 sold in 2021. If this is the case, the phone alone would almost monopolize half of sales of foldable smartphones, estimated at 9 million by Counterpoint Research. Last year, the Korean giant accounted for 88% of the market, a figure destined to decline with the arrival of competition in the sector.

Source: CNET

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