Galaxy Z Fold 4: Samsung will improve the photo part and the durability of its foldable smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is not expected before August 2022, but we now know a little more about the photo part of the smartphone as well as its design which promises to be more resistant.

Galaxy Z Fold 4
Credit: Ben Geskin

According to a new report from GalaxyClub, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 may inherit a camera from the Galaxy S22. Indeed, the foldable smartphone would this year abandon the 12 MP sensor of the Galaxy Z Fold 3, which offered a 2X optical zoom, for a more powerful sensor. The new model of 2022 would have the 10 MP sensor with a 3X optical zoom of the Galaxy S22. This could therefore significantly improve the quality of the shots when using the zoom of the smartphone.

Additionally, GalaxyClub reports that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 could finally use a selfie camera with more megapixels. As a reminder, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 had introduced a camera under its internal screen, but it was only 4 MP, which did not allow to retain many details in the photos. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 could use a 10 MP front sensorenough to offer a better photo rendering.

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The Galaxy Z Fold 4 could be tougher than the Galaxy Z Fold 3

In addition to improving the photo part, Samsung could also tackle the very design of the smartphone to make it more durable. According to a report from our Korean colleagues at ETNews, Samsung Electronics plans to reduce the number of parts for the hinge of the smartphone. Currently, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 uses two separate parts, but the Galaxy Z Fold 4 would only use one.

This change will improve portability by reducing the weight and thickness of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 compared to its predecessor. The cost of production should also decrease due to the reduction in the number of parts. Samsung also expects the smartphone to be much more durable, since such a change will reduce the number of moving parts in the smartphone. We know that Samsung is betting a lot on this new generation of foldable smartphones, since it plans to manufacture 2.9 million Galaxy Z Fold 4 this year, against only 1 million Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Source: GalaxyClub

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