Galician company Corunet joins Sngular

Sngular has announced the incorporation of Corunet, one of the most relevant technology companies focused on software development in Galicia, to continue offering technology-based solutions to its customers. This operation falls under the growth strategy of Sngular after its incorporation to BME Growth, in December 2021. Corunet will contribute to the group a staff of more than 130 employees, a turnover of more than 6 million euros with an annual growth of more than 30% and an EBITDA on sales of more than 25%.

Both companies share values ​​and business culture. The vision of both companies is that putting the best technological talent at the center of the organization is the best way to conceive and execute innovation and transformation projects based on technology.

Corunet, founded in 2000, brings its experience in software development for the integration of data, payment channels and high availability critical systems in high demand online environments. Thus, Sngular adds this knowledge and talent to its ecosystem of solutions and services, reinforcing in this case the business unit for services to large companies.

In this way, A Coruña will host the second largest Sngular talent center in Spain. This operation reflects the linking the company with the areawhere it already has another center in Oviedo and where it has plans to continue growing and linking itself more and more with the environment.

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Jose Luis Vallejo, president and founder of Sngular, has stated that “Many elements unite us with Corunet, but especially the commitment to talent. We know that putting people at the center and betting on their own development is the best way we have the differential capabilities, so scarce today, with which to build solutions and services with a real impact based on technology. In this case, we reinforced our consulting capabilities for large accounts and especially in services related to e-commerce.And also remember that “We already announced with our incorporation to BME Growth that our main objective was to continue growing, and in this case we do so by incorporating a team of more than 130 people with whom we clearly share culture and values”.

Daniel Ramos, founding partner of Corunet, has also highlighted that “We are excited about joining the Sngular ecosystem, it is a leap forward and opens new opportunities for all of us who are part of Corunet and for our clients. We share the same way of approaching projects, a philosophy focused on talent and care for the people in the teams. Both companies are committed to providing quality software and adding value to customers. We are prepared to grow together.”

Corunet has a successful track record and is recognized by the Galician business and innovation community. In this sense, it was the only Galician company to achieve the six indicators of Good Business Practices that it produces Vigo Free Zonethrough its Ardán business information service.

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