Game of Thrones: two more animated series of The Throne of Swords are coming

The saga of game of Thrones expands even more and, in addition to the already known productions that will expand the narrative universe of Game of thrones, will arrive two animated series based on the work born from the novels of George RR Martin.

These are two new HBO Max productions, which we did not know existed until today and which will add to the animated spin-off that we started talking about earlier this year. According to what was revealed by THR, therefore, there will be three animated series set in Westeros.

HBO max is developing new animated Game of Thrones series

One such Game of Thrones-related project is set in theYi Ti’s Golden Empire (or simply Yi Ti), a region on the continent of Essos located close to the southeastern borders of the known world.

The society is considered one of the oldest and most advanced in the vast fantasy realm born from the mind of George RR Martin and is inspired by imperial China (in much the same way that Westeros, which was the main setting for Game of Thrones, is inspired by medieval Europe).

The Yi Ti empire will also appear in House of Dragon

We will have a first brief reference to the Yi Ti Empire in House of the Dragon, Game of Thrones live action prequel series, show that is supposed to show us a character named Lord Corlys Velary set sail on the “Sea Serpent” to Yi Ti.

Obviously, to the delight of all Game of Thrones fans, all animated projects related to the saga will be intended for an adult audience only, maintaining the spirit and atmosphere of the original series.

According to the first “creative” details, the path of animated productions follows a much broader strategy to expand the world of the acclaimed fantasy-drama, with the writing team working directly with Martin to build this, increasingly vast, world of Game of Thrones.

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