Game Pass Heats Up August With Hades, Dodgeball Academia And More

Game Pass games for August 2021

There will be a total of 10 games that we can download completely free of charge if we have a subscription to the service, many of them arriving today and leaving others for the next few days. The new games that arrive in the catalog are the following:

Curse of the Dead Gods

A fantastic roguelite that will take us through different temples that we will have to overcome with the sole intention of finding riches and, if possible, eternal life. It includes the latest update in collaboration with the fantastic Dead Cells, the roguelite that we fell in love with a few years ago and that makes an appearance with weapons and effects that you will quickly identify if you played it previously. A great game that you will have to install immediately.

  • Available for PC and Cloud
  • From today

Dodgeball Academy

A fun cartoon-style RPG based on the dodgeball game where you’ll take control of Otto, a sports fan who wants to become the best player in the world, even if that means competing against his friends.

  • Available for console, PC and Cloud
  • From today

Katamari Damacy Reroll

A classic that never dies. Take control of the sticky Katamari to collect all the objects you can while you roll her. The objective is none other than to make it bigger and bigger until it becomes a star, in order to recover the stars and constellations that were accidentally destroyed.

  • Available for console, PC and Cloud
  • From today

Lumines Remastered

It seems that August is a compilation of greatest hits, since this musical Tetris was a success when it was released on the legendary PSP. Later it reached many other platforms, until in 2018 it landed with the remastered version on Xbox One.

  • Available for console, PC and Cloud
  • From today


One of the games that comes through EA Play. This fantastic Skate simulator came to offer a different proposal to Tony Hawk Pro Skater, and with its simulation and difficulty it captivated many.

  • Available for console
  • From today

Skate 3

Third installment of EA’s skateboard game. One more proposal that perhaps did not garner as many good reviews as the previous editions. It will serve at least to make our mouths while we continue to wait for the launch of Skate 4, which is still in development.

  • Available for cloud
  • From today


A construction and resource management game with an isometric perspective that comes in Game Preview format. Our mission is to manage a space station in which we will have to find a way to buy and recover resources, but instead from the perspective of a god, we will do it by putting ourselves in the shoes of an AI.

  • Available for PC
  • From today

Art of Rally

A spectacular and colorful rally game that will keep you hooked for its aesthetics and playability, as it offers the classic rally game in an extremely original and addictive format.

  • Available for console, PC and cloud
  • From August 12


The game of the year is finally coming to Xbox and it does so by also making its debut in the Xbox Game Pass catalog. It is mandatory to have to play it, so you no longer have excuses to put yourself in the shoes of Zagreus to try to escape from the underworld and reach Mount Olympus.

  • Available for console, PC and cloud
  • As of August 13

Microsoft Solitaire Collection: Premium Edition

What would be of the PC if they did not have the game of solitaire. Mythical since Windows 3.1, this collection in its Premium version will allow you to get double the daily coins to obtain rewards more quickly. You know, the lonely man, so lonely and so entertaining at the same time.

  • Available for PC
  • As of August 17

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