Gamer buys the Intel Core i9-12900K, how much has it cost him?

In full discount time for the launch of the Intel Core 12, those of Pat Gelsinger have already begun to sell their star processor ahead of time and this time it is not about engineering or quality samples, but the final version of this new range of processors, specifically the top of the range of the new generation of processors. At what real price is the i9-12900K?

After several news of sales of engineering or quality samples in the second-hand markets, we finally have a record of the first person who has been able to buy the first Intel i9-12900K from a normal store and has done so weeks before the official launch of these CPUs.

Is this the final price of the i9-12900K CPU?

The odyssey of buying an Intel Core i9-12900K has been recounted by its buyer in the Reddit subforum dedicated to Intel. Under the pseudonym Seby9123 the lucky owner of the most powerful Intel Core 12 has explained that he has been able to buy the CPU from MindFactory, one of the largest stores in Germany and further claims that he has been able to obtain not one, but two final versions of the processor before its official launch. Although it also says that it has not been possible to obtain the motherboard with the LGA1700 socket.

The price of each of the i9-12900K? Well, they have cost each unit an equivalent of 610 US dollars (523.81 euros To the change, which should be equally 610 euros with taxes) and this is where the news is, as it means that Intel is going to go for AMD for price and not just for performance. Let’s not forget that AMD’s most powerful processor right now is the AMD Ryzen 9 5950X sold for 800 dollars (798 euros specifically in PcC) of recommended sale price.

In any case, we must not forget that a processor does not work by itself and to this we must add the need to update the motherboard with a new one from the 600 series. Fortunately, CPUs with Alder Lake-S architecture support both DDR4 and DDR5 memory. , but i9-12900K buyers are going to want to use the new type of memory, so the upgrade, despite the price of the CPU, is not going to be cheap.

Intel shakes up the CPU market

i9-12900K out of box price

If the final selling price of the i9-12900K is 610 dollars / euros then this means that it is slightly more expensive than Intel’s own i9-11900K, so we cannot expect symmetrical prices from one generation to the next. Are we going to see a price drop for the Intel Core 11? Who knows, it would be expected, we do not know what the level of stock of the new generation of processors will be, but they will share space with the Rocket Lake-S in stores.

As for AMD, it has to be seen what they do, their AMD Ryzen 5000 with 3D V-Cache They could be presented at CES, but we don’t know when they might launch. What is clear is that Pat Gelsinger’s are going to try to regain market share through a war of attrition with price. Historically, Lisa Su’s have always moved with lower margins and it has been with Zen 3 that they have been able to afford to increase them.

There is no doubt that the strategy of Pat Gelsinger with the Intel Core 12 in 2021 is to go to the most enthusiastic of the market and take market share from AMD. The fact that buyers have to buy both a motherboard and new memory works against Intel that has preferred to keep prices down in order to facilitate the transition to its new generation of processors than not to raise prices above AMD.

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