Gaming Gadget Guide: 5 Ways to Expand Your Gaming Arsenal Beyond Your Consoles

Any gamer will tell you that they have perfected the many elements that contribute to perfect game performance, but it’s hard to know what you don’t know when it comes to the expansive equipment out there. You might love the ease and group appeal of an infinity table, or you might enjoy something quite niche. If you want to level up your game and see what you might be missing – here are 5 ways to expand your gaming arsenal beyond your console.

Your monitor is everything

Your gaming monitor is quite literally your gateway to another world or realm, and so you can’t expect to play well without a great screen. You have probably heard about the benefits of a curved screen, and well… you heard correctly! A curved monitor is designed to accommodate the natural contour of our eyes and the natural depth of field we have. Life isn’t flat and so you don’t want your game to be so find a monitor screen that allows you to immerse yourself in the game. If you are particularly savvy, you can choose a monitor that you also use for work and claim it on tax!

Quality headset

Whether you play online or not, a quality headset is going to be a great asset. A headset is the best way to experience all a game has to offer. From the sounds you hear in different areas, to the clues you need in order to take your gaming to the next level, you need a decent headset. The good news? You can get a quality headset for a really affordable price. If you stream your games to Twitch then your headset choice is going to be paramount. If you don’t intend on playing professionally or even that often, then you might be able to get by with something more simple and without a microphone.

The right game controller

There are so many different game controllers and models available today. Not only do they vary in shape, features and size but also compatibility be it a modern PC, console like a PlayStation, Nintendo Switch or Retro gaming machine. Types of gaming controllers include gamepad, keyboard, fight stick, joystick, track ball, steering wheel, paddle and they come in wired and wireless.

The consoles and game styles you will be playing will help you shortlist which type and style of controller is best suited.

As an example arcade games are best played with retro game fightsticks, while console games are usually more suited to gamepads. Depending on your preference or gaming machine requirements you’ll need to decide on specific models that are compatible be it wired USB or wireless. As a bonus if you search hard enough some controllers are compatible with numerous consoles. Here’s a retro fightstick we found that’s compatible with PC, Switch, RPI, Android and Super Console X.

Gaming chair

If you don’t think you need a gaming chair, then you clearly haven’t used one before. These dedicated chairs perfectly contour your back and are reactive to your every move so that you can lean forward, to the side or back and feel totally supported. The value these chairs add to your game will vary depending on what you are playing, but first shooter games, in particular, can be a great game to check out whether you need a gaming chair. You also want to be considering how you are looking after your back so make sure you are well supported.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality can be an acquired taste, as it really challenges every sense and can be quite exhausting the first few times. Playing virtual reality games can mean that you don’t need to have the most up to date games or newest consoles, as you are not going to get sick of this type of gaming any time soon. Each experience is also very different, whether you are playing on your own or in a team. Get some virtual reality goggles into your rotation and bring your gaming to life.

Supporting apps

Beyond your console, games and gaming equipment, there are a bunch of apps that you can use to support your gaming. Discord is quite a popular one as it allows you to speak with your friends you are playing with, see who is online playing, and even meet people and join communities with similar interests. There are also websites that you can use to see how you are scoring, like Cod Tracker and other game-specific hubs.


Once a gamer, always a gamer – but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with the same old equipment! Do an audit of your gaming arsenal and see what you can add to make this part of your life that much more exciting.

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