Gaming keyboards for everyone with a lot of RGB for less than 50 Euros

Something interesting is that this keyboard is used by the CIY (Change It Yourself) technology. It allows changing the mechanical switches for others that come as spares or any other OUTEMU model.

This keyboard integrates individual RGB lighting with a total of nine customizable effects. We can adjust between different modes and speeds. One of the modes even recognizes each press and lights up the pressed key.

A very interesting option that has good quality. The biggest drawback is that the RGB lighting cannot be customized by software. In addition, you can purchase this keyboard at:


We are now going with a much more compact option and that is that we bring you a keyboard type 65%. This Ozone Gaming is characterized by eliminating most superfluous keys and creating a more “basic” keyboard. Save the directional arrows and keys as delete, making this keyboard Ozone Gaming OZTACTICALSP be very compact.

As in the previous model, this keyboard has the mechanical switches OUTEMU Red. Includes this keyboard anti-ghosting technology up to six keys, something that is somewhat limited for us. The previous model is more complete in this sense.


As in the previous model, the RGB lighting controlled directly from the keyboard. The directional arrows are used to control the RGB mode, direction and intensity of it.

We can use this keyboard with cable and without it, since it integrates Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. This offers greater versatility and we can take it with us without problems.

I have to say that I am a bit tired of seeing Bluetooth keyboards where autonomy is not specified, a bad habit of some manufacturers and for this reason I do not recommend their purchase at all. If you are still interested, you can also buy it in these stores:

The G-Lab Keyz Rubidium

This is the model that we liked the most, since it is a complete keyboard with a mid-range wrist rest that is very good. The G-Lab is a large manufacturer of gaming peripherals with a large number of stable products. A very interesting option if you have space and want a keyboard with everything.

Do you use this keyboard red switches, although the manufacturer of the same is not highlighted. The most normal thing is that they are OUTEMU, which are much cheaper than the Cherry MX. These have RGB lighting completely customizable thanks to embedded software. Said software allows us to make an adjustment completely to taste and has 14 different effects.

What we like the most is the wrist rest, an element that is not usually on all keyboards. This is padded and can be easily removed, although we strongly recommend using it to improve the health of our wrists. Also note that it has a full anti-ghosting technology for all keys, so it’s a perfect solution.

Without a doubt, the best option of all the proposals in terms of quality/price.

The G-Lab Keyz Rubidium

Newskill Pyros

We bring you as a last option, but no less interesting, this keyboard of format 60% which is a safe value. Newskill is a large Spanish peripheral manufacturer that offers high quality products. How can it be otherwise, it has mechanical switches. Also, the Newskill Pyros can be connected via Bluetooth.

use this keyboard mechanical switches OUTEMU Red, which offer a very good quality. These have a life of more than 50 million keystrokes, which is a lot. every key counts with RGB lighting individual and customizable via software. This allows a high level of customization and even, with the software we can configure macros.

We can use this keyboard without the need for cables, since it offers Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. integrates a USB-C port for charging the battery and also use it while we charge it. Note that this keyboard offers more than 58 hours of autonomy with the RGB off and almost 10 hours with the RGB on.

We really like that this keyboard is also compatible with iOS and Android, being able to use it on our smartphone without problems. If you are interested, you can also buy it at PcComponentes for 69.95 euros.

Newskill Pyros

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