gaming mice “with everything” for all budgets

Today we are going to see a new model with various colors and designs, launched by the Trust company that is not far behind.

Trust GTX Felox

In this case, they surprise us with a version that comes with two models of gaming mice, one wired and the other wireless for people who like more freedom of movement.

The first one, connected directly to the computer, would be called GXT 109 Feloxand the only difference with the other would be the type of connection, in this case with a simple USB cable.

The range of colors available for this model would be black, white, blue and pink. All of them quite pretty.

wired trust mouse

In addition, thanks to its included software, you will be able to configure the speed of the mouse, the lighting that is incorporated in the lower part of the mouse, as well as the macros to adapt them to your preferences and style of play.

If, on the other hand, you are a person who does not want cables on your desk and prefers the convenience of a battery, the wireless version GXT 110 Felox Wireless Gaming Mouse is your choice.

Unlike other models and brands, this mouse has a compartment to store the Bluetooth receiver included and necessary to connect it to your computer. Something that is appreciated if, for example, we go on a trip and we do not want to lose it or separate it from it.

The battery of this wireless version would be about 80 hours of gameplaysomething that is good but that improves with the option of being able to use it also with a cable while it is charging.

In this case, the available colors would only be black and white, although it must be said that they are very elegant, and that with their gaming lights they make them more interesting and customizable.

Both models have 6 buttons on it, where we find a DPI selector to adjust the speed. This would be different in the two versions. While with cable its range would go from 200 to 6400 DPIin the Bluetooth model it would only be 800 to 4800 DPI.

lights mouse trust

They also have 4 preset light settings and they are launched together with Zirox headphones that perfectly complement these gaming mice in function and design.

They would already be available for purchase. The corded model would sell for a very good price, just €14.99while the wireless version would amount to €19.99although we must bear in mind that there we would have a 2 × 1 since it comes with the built-in cable so that we can charge it but also use it with it.

For now we are going to try them, it seems that they look very good, they are beautiful, functional and cheap, and this brand has always left us with good feelings, so we will see how they go and we will bring you more impressions about them.

And you, what color do you like best? Are you wired or do you prefer a battery? Leave us a comment and we will be happy to read you.

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