Garena Free Fire: Free Winter Weapon Box!

For some time now, First Free Fire and later Free Fire Max have become a huge success, for a long time topping the lists of the most downloaded games in the smartphone app stores. Let’s remember that the first of the titles debuted in 2017, while Max was released a little more than two months ago, and in all this time both titles have not stopped adding players attracted by his proposal.

If you don’t know it, you should know that Free Fire has achieved that great success by taking a tremendously popular genre, that of Battle Royale, but instead of doing like many other proposals that arose from the success of PUBG Mobile and the almighty Fornite but that did not add anything new to the existing formula. Instead, Garena did choose to give a facelift to the genre to update it, thus offering a proposal that combines a known and successful approach with enough novelties to make it more attractive than the originals and its competition.

The jump from Free Fire to Free Fire Max has been a huge qualitative leap, with visual and sound enhancements and therefore an even more attractive experience, Without demanding, despite this, high-end smartphones to be able to enjoy it. Thus, if you are an Android user, it is enough that you are in version 4.1 or higher of the operating system, and that your mobile has a CPU of at least 1.8 gigahertz and two gigabytes of RAM. If you are an iPhone user, an iPhone 6S or higher will be more than enough for you to enjoy it.

If you are already a player, or if this title has been tempting you for a while, this is a great moment to take the leap, since thanks to Garena we have a code that will allow the first 1,000 users of it, to obtain a succulent reward, very appropriate, in addition, to the dates in which we are.

To use the code you will have to access this web page and, after logging in with your game account, enter the following code:


In this way you will get the Winter Weapons Box reward, in which you will find a weapon skin from the Winter Party set, that is, a skin with which you can customize your weapons for these winter dates. The reward will be applied to your game account in just a few minutes.

You will have to hurry, yes, because this code is limited to 1,000 uses and, in addition, it has an expiration date, you can only use it until Sunday, December 12, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.. Either you take advantage of this weekend (and the sooner the better) or you risk running out of the Christmas gift.

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