Garmin launches its Instinct 2, the solar connected watch with infinite battery

After a leak just before CES 2022, the Instinct 2 had been discreet, until today.

Absent from CES 2022 despite a leak that had announced it in the catalog, Garmin’s Instinct returns this year in a second iteration that is already promising. Ultra robust, this connected watch designed for adventurers who love excursions in hostile environments unveils this week a whole new range for athletes, but not only.

Five models, but no eSports

As in 2018 when the first Instinct was released, Garmin’s Instinct 2 is available in several finishes, able to adapt to everyone. In addition to the classic model, we will also find the edition camouflagewith its camouflage finishes, but also the Tactical, specially designed for the military, which includes a data reset button, a stealth mode, a night vision mode for the screen, and a Jumpmaster activity mode for parachute jumps.

The Instinct 2 Surf, as its name suggests, will incorporate specific programs dedicated to sliding sports aquatic (surfing, windsurfing and kiteboarding), while the Dézl version, dedicated to truckers, will ensure precise monitoring of health statistics, and short exercise programs for “promote a healthier lifestyle on the road”. Unlike the previous generation, Garmin abandons its model dedicated to eSportsbut has an additional case size, with an Instinct 2S version in 40 mm, compared to 45 for the classic model.

An optional infinite solar battery

With its Instinct 2, Garmin further improves the battery of its connected watches. While the first generation was already usable for several weeks and up to 16 hours in GPS mode thanks to its monochrome screen, the Instinct 2 will benefit from four weeks of autonomy. With its solar charging option, the 45mm model promises even better, with a unlimited autonomy in connected watch mode.

Price and availability

Offered at the same price, Garmin’s Instinct 2 and 2S will start at €349.99, i.e. €50 more than on the previous generation. To this must be added the available options, and in particular the solar charge, invoiced at 50€. Enough to quickly raise the bill to around 500€. In addition to the technical characteristics of each model, it will also be possible to personalize its strap and bezel thanks to the brand’s personalization service. Your Watch, Your Way. In total, 240 different combinations can be defined, promises Garmin.

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