Garmin’s best smartwatches gain new features

Garmin watches enhance your sports capabilities

Garmin’s catalog of smart watches is so extensive that it is difficult not to find a model that suits your specific needs. Whether you just want to have basic features for monitoring your health status or if you want to keep an exhaustive control of your workouts.

However, if for something it is the brand that more sports professionals and athletes with a more demanding profile choose, it is because they do not stop adding improvements. The latest update now enables three new improvements for the high-end of its watches. In this way, the models of the Fenix ​​6, Enduro and Marq series they will enjoy more complete features.

The news from Garmin are:

  • RPE (Rate of Perceived Exercise and Sensation): This new feature of Garmin watches will allow users to talk to him as they would or do to that gym or training partner when they finish an exercise that has been especially hard. In this way, by means of the voice they will be able to leave a record of how it has been and they have felt at the end, to be able to check later and assess whether or not to make changes in the intensity of future workouts.
  • Improvement in Intensity Minutes: now users will also be able to add minutes of intensity with exercises that, without being the usual ones, do raise that energetic state that must be activated to carry them out. In addition, now they will also receive or be able to consult comments of these moments through the watch itself or later with the Garmin Connect app
  • Improvement in Fitness Age: the precision with which Garmin watches are able to calculate the fitness age at which you are improving. So you will not only have a better view of your fitness, but also exercise recommendations that you could do to improve it with appropriate activities as you progress.
  • New Challenges and Badges: Finally, gamification has been very important in this of health, exercise quantification and smart watches. That’s why Garmin Connect Challenges will give new challenges and badges to users so that motivation does not wane. In the end, those little pleasures after achieving a new challenge are what motivate you to continue

Watches to activate your fitness side

With the new improvements introduced in the latest Garmin update for its series of high games watches, it is confirmed once again that if you are looking for a watch to improve your fitness section and you use Android, although it is also valid for iOS users, these are the most recommended.

So you know, for basic things if you are starting a Xiaomi Mi Band 6 it is a great option, also other somewhat more complete smartwatches such as the OnePlus Watch, but if you are looking for something TOP, then bet on these from Garmin.

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