Garmin’s best watch is on sale at an all-time low

Fenix ​​6 Pro, the powerful Garmin watch

When looking for a watch for sports practice, not just any proposal is worth it. It is necessary that it be a resistant equipment, with certain benefits whose measurement is precise and by the way if it has a good design, then better than better. All these qualities come together in the Fenix ​​6 Pro, one of Garmin’s most attractive models and, without a doubt, one of the most interesting when considering the acquisition of a device of this nature within the current offer.

The watch has a color display 1.30 inches (its resolution is 260 x 260 pixels) and sports a 47-millimeter round format case with a stainless steel bezel. It is also protected with a Gorilla Glass DX glass, perfect to ensure that nothing happens to the screen.

The team does not forget, as expected, the inclusion of GPS, With which to be able to orient ourselves in the maps that you will find installed by default and that you will be able to visualize perfectly on its panel. It has a meter blood oxygen saturation, with a stress and hydration monitor and it can also monitor your sleep to report later how you have rested. It also offers monitoring of female health, an attractive plus for athletes.

It goes without saying that you can control your daily activity with it (steps, calories, distances) as well as your performance in specific activities, monitoring your heart rate, planning routes according to your rhythm and even monitoring your recovery.

A very complete team that you should not miss now that the price drops to its all-time low.

Garmin watch offer on Amazon

The price of the Garmin Fenix ​​6 Pro is not exactly low. And is that being such a complete watch and a brand as well known in the sector as Garmin, its cost implies a significant investment. In this way, the official cost of the equipment on the manufacturer’s website is 749.99 euros, although it is true that on Amazon it is normal to find it between 550 and 600 euros on average.

Now, however, its cost is even lower and the watch is available for 438.40 euros, assuming your label more low to date or what is the same its historical minimum price. To get it for this figure, you just have to access the link you have on these lines -click or tap on the blue button- and put the watch in your shopping cart before it flies. Who warns …

Garmin Fénix 6 PRO Key Features

A quick and summarized review of the most outstanding features of the Fénix 6 Pro.

  • 1.3 inch color screen
  • Resistant to high and low temperatures, shocks and water
  • Round case with stainless steel bezel
  • Preloaded activity profiles, animated sessions and multisport log (including skiing)
  • Autonomy of 14 days
  • Control of heart rate, blood oxygen, hydration, sleep and female health
  • Topo maps, route tracking, slope planning, and turn-by-turn navigation

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