GBTEC Spain’s business process management solutions, deployed among the world’s leading corporations

GBTEC Spain, a company specialized in designing business process management software aimed at the digital transformation of companies, has pointed out how the Business Process Management (BPM) solutions developed in Spain are allowing multinationals around the world to gain efficiency. Thanks to BPM, companies avoid –among other things- duplicating efforts to carry out the same task, reducing both the time and the cost of each of these tasks.

GBTEC offers its clients personalized solutions -and developed ad hoc- to automate and digitize the business processes of the different business areas that make up the core of the company: from a communication department, logistics, marketing, legal or any area business. Antonio Sánchez Arnanz, Director of Business Development at GBTEC Spain, points out that “companies should identify BPM as a strategy to follow where all business processes are perfectly defined. In addition, since the strategies of the companies are changing -and each time with greater speed-, the business processes must also be adapted; therefore, the flexibility and speed provided by GBTEC is crucial”.

Similarly, the effect of globalization in the business world has further underpinned the need to implement a BPM-based strategy. “The digitalization of business processes is critical for large companies with offices around the world, since any process -in any area (marketing, legal, HR, etc.)- can be deployed simultaneously, eliminating any failure and being able to focus on the business itself”, commented Sánchez Arnanz.

However, from GBTEC, Sánchez Arnanz points out that “CIOs must understand what BPM is from a broad perspective, not limiting itself only to implementing various technologies, but also to the application of methods that allow continuous improvement of processes”.

Currently, international references such as Porsche, Daimler, Rolls Royce, Siemens or Vodafone -in private companies- as well as numerous Public Administrations around the world, use BPM software made in Galicia that allows these corporations to continue in success, thanks to a significant reduction in costs, greater reliability in multiple processes (reducing possible errors and/or failures to zero) as well as increasing the capacity to respond to all customers in record time.

Process automation allows companies to perform certain repetitive activities with zero effort. According to Sánchez Arnanz, “integrating a BPM policy allows companies to save more than 40% of time, avoiding the repetition of tasks and reducing by more than 35% the chances of making mistakes when implementing any new task”. In this sense, Sánchez Arnanz points out that those entities – public or private – that implement BPM can be up to 23% more competitive – by focusing on high-level processes – compared to those that do not implement said methodology.

Although the Spanish subsidiary of GBTEC emerged just 3 years ago, in this short period of time it has been able to demonstrate to the parent company itself the high quality of the software that is being produced in Spain. Thus, the main client of the Spanish subsidiary is the corporation itself, whose developments are being deployed in the main companies around the world. In fact -and since its constitution in 2019- GBTEC Spain has managed to grow more than 100% in these 3 years.

GBTEC solutions are currently implemented in a wide variety of industries around the world: Health, Telcos, Mobility, Automotive, Finance as well as a large selection of Public Administrations enjoy GBTEC tools optimizing their workflows.

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