GeForce NOW adds 17 new titles in November

From the moment of its launch, GeForce NOW has not stopped growing. It has done so in games compatible with the platform, which already exceed 1,100, and recently with its top-of-the-range service, GeForce NOW RTX 3080, in which we will have access to a huge system, called SuperPod, whose RTX 3080 graphics card set (more than 1,000) and AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO processors, they add up to no less than 11,477,760 CUDA cores and 8,960 CPU cores. With this processing capability, users will be able to enjoy their favorite games in 1440p resolution at 120 frames per second.

If you are one of the people who have decided to pre-purchase access to GeForce NOW TX 3080, you already know that it is still necessary to wait until it is available. But the good news is that Throughout this month, the first accounts of the service in North America will begin to be activated., and that his arrival in the old continent is scheduled for the month of December, so if you have already pre-purchased your access, you will surely be able to enjoy it during the Christmas holidays.

Now, this enormous process capacity is useless, nor the one offered by the various datacentres of GeForce NOW spread all over the world, without a growing catalog of games. At NVIDIA they are fully aware of this and consequently every Thursday they add new titles to the catalog. Without going any further, last October there were 23 games added to the service, Joined by the 17 who will debut throughout this month of November.

And what titles are joining GeForce NOW this month? This is the full list:

  • Recipe For Disaster (new release on Steam)
  • Let’s Build a Zoo (new release on Steam and Epic Games Store)
  • Age of Darkness: Final Stand (Steam)
  • Road Redemption (Steam)
  • Bakery Simulator (Steam)
  • Bright Memory: Infinite (Steam)
  • Epic Chef (Steam)
  • Farming Simulator 22 (Steam and Epic Games Store)
  • The Last Stand: Aftermath (Steam)
  • Core (Epic Games Store)
  • Ghostrunner (Epic Games Store)
  • Legion TD 2 (Steam)
  • Lost Words: Beyond the Page (Steam)
  • MapleStory (Steam)
  • Severed Steel (Steam)
  • STORY OF SEASON: Pioneers of Olive Town (Steam)
  • Tale of Immortal (Steam)

As you can see, the list is very varied, and the first four games on the list can now be played on GeForce NOW at the moment you are reading this. The rest will be added throughout the month, on Thursdays, as is tradition in the service.

As you already know, GeForce NOW is a cloud gaming service, which allows you to enjoy your games on any device and with the highest quality (high resolution, DLSS and ray tracing).

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