GeForce Now adds 4K streaming for Macs


Nvidia It just brought joy to all those who use its GeForce Now streaming video game platform on Macs and Windows PCs.

As of today, the video game platform GeForce Now You can transmit the viewing of the game in 4K quality, yes, at 60 fps. If you want to bump the fps up to 120, you’ll have to lower the resolution to 1440p. But hey, it’s something.

Nvidia launched its platform streaming video games Two years ago. A concept that little by little is taking hold in the Gamers market, and today it has received an important improvement that these users have been demanding for months.

So starting today, you can play games on your Mac or PC on GeForce Now with 4K quality. Yes, only at 60 fps. If you still get 120fps, you’ll have to lower the resolution to 1440p. But hey, it’s already an important improvement if we want to play streaming games that would otherwise be impossible to do if your computer doesn’t have a “gamer” configuration, as is the case with Apple Macs.

This significant quality improvement can only be achieved by playing from the application GeForce for Windows or macOS. If you play through the web browser, the maximum resolution is still 1440p.

This improvement in video quality has been achieved thanks to the NVIDIA DLSS, an innovative AI rendering technology that boosts graphics performance using dedicated Tensor Core AI processors with RTX GPUs. DLSS harnesses the power of a deep learning neural network to increase frame rates and deliver stunning real-time visuals for gaming.

This is a very important development for Nvidia, with GeForce Now being one of the only streaming game services to support the 4K streaming in a whole wide range of devices.

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