GeForce NOW extends 120 FPS to all Android phones

GeForce NOW expands support for 120 FPS for all Android mobiles. The game service update by streaming NVIDIA will reach all users of the same in the coming weeks, after being restricted for some time to certain phone models.

However, the obvious should be noted, which is that only those phones that offer a refresh rate of 120 Hz, they will be able to take advantage of the 120 FPS in GeForce NOW for Android. Otherwise, they will continue to run at the rate allowed by the device, typically 60 Hz / FPS.

Until now, NVIDIA maintained a list of supported Android phone models that already ran at 120 FPS on GeForce NOW, but the change has been approved so that in the coming weeks the only limitation on the update rate will be the aforementioned technical one. .

Another requirement for GeForce NOW to run on Android at 120 FPS is to have an Internet connection of at least 15 or 25 Mbps to do it at 720p or 1080p resolutions, respectively. 1080p and 120 FPS are also the maximum for subscribers of the RTX 3080 plan, the highest level of graphics power.

NVIDIA GeForce NOW Android

NVIDIA Geforce NOW is a cross-platform service

What about iPhone and iPad users? As far as it goes, nothing at the moment. They will continue to be subject to 60 FPS regardless of features of your device, as well as to use a web application, instead of a native one, derived from the abuse of position by Apple known to all.

In another order of things, not a month goes by without GeForce NOW leaving us some news of its progress in different areas and if today we are talking about 120 FPS support on Android, last month we were talking about 4K on Windows and macOS, limited , yes, to subscribers of the RTX 3080 plan.

Of course, to talk about GeForce NOW is to do it, mainly, about games, so don’t miss the June shipment, with which NVIDIA added 25 new games to the service’s catalog.

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