GeForce NOW now at 1440p and 120 frames in Chrome

It is already known that Every so often, NVIDIA introduces improvements to GeForce NOW, its cloud gaming subscription service with which you can enjoy your games on a high-performance platform, with different levels of access, regardless of the device you use for that purpose. It can already be a computer that does not meet the minimum requirements, a smartphone or a smartTV, you just need a high-speed Internet connection.

As you may already know, GeForce NOW connects with your accounts in the main online game stores (Steam, Epic Games, GOG, etc.), and allows you to play those games that you already have and that are on its list of compatible titles. This list has already exceeded 1,300 titles and every Thursday, on GFN Thursday, new titles are added. In total, this month of August will be completed with 38 new games, ranging from major triple-A releases to independent titles that have managed to capture the interest of the public. This week there are six that are added, we will indicate them to you later.

But this week, in addition to new games, NVIDIA also improved the maximum quality at which GeForce NOW RTX 3080 tier subscribers will be able to play directly from the Google Chrome web browser, with the new maximums up to 1440p and 120 frames per second. Let’s remember that a couple of months ago, 120 fps also came to Android, and that in May it was the users of Windows and macOS clients who saw a very important qualitative leap, by raising the maximum resolution to 4K.

Let’s remember that GeForce NOW offers three types of account: free, priority and RTX 3080. The first, despite being the most limited, allows you to use the service simply by registering as a user, without having to make any payment. Of course, it does not offer all the graphical options of the superior ones, it limits the duration of each game session to two hours and, in addition, it is possible that you have to wait a few minutes before you can start playing. However, it is an excellent option for making contact with the service, which will allow you to check its operation first-hand.

GeForce NOW now at 1440p and 120 frames in Chrome

Next are the priority accounts, which allow you to squeeze much more of the graphic options of your games. At this level of GeForce NOW you can already use ray tracing, DLSS and others. With a priority account the start of game sessions is immediate, and the maximum duration of each game session can be extended up to six hours. And when a session ends, you can immediately start another one.

Finally we meet the top of the range of the service, GeForce NOW RTX 3080, a service that we have already tested in MuyComputer, and that when it is put into operation it is as impressive as its name implies. This is the modality of the service that now allows you to play at 1440p at 120 fps directly from the browser.

GeForce NOW: New Games

This Thursday six new titles are added to the list of compatible with the service. They are the following:

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