GeForce NOW Now Lets You Try Games Before You Buy Them Too

Until now, GeForce NOW was a service that allowed us to play online (that is, the game was run remotely, on NVIDIA servers) all the games compatible with the service of the game stores that we use (Steam, Epic Games, GOG, etc.). And with that alone, it was already an excellent option for many users (among whom I include myself), since it allows enjoy games with fairly high quality settings without pushing our PC to the limit.

I say that until now it was that, because now, although it obviously maintains that functionality, which is the basis of the service, it also adds a new and more than interesting function, since from now on adds the possibility of trying demos of news from the games market on GeForce NOW. To do this, the service has already added some titles, such as Chorus, Ghostrunner, Diplomacy Is Not an Option and The RiftBreaker Prologue, which will be displayed in the GeForce NOW client interface (in versions 2.0.39).

Thus, GeForce NOW users who are interested in such titles, but are not sure whether or not to purchase them, they will be able to test them previously on the platform, completely free of charge, in order to check if they really are what they expected or, on the contrary, if they do not meet their expectations and finally they decide not to buy them. The test, of course, will be carried out on the service’s servers, and users with premium accounts will be able to activate advanced graphics features, such as DLSS and ray tracing.

NVIDIA’s plans go through add more titles in the future to this game demos feature, something that seems to me a success and a very intelligent move. With this feature, gamers will have the opportunity to try some of the latest releases on the market for themselves to decide whether or not to buy them, and at the same time, they will be able to experience first-hand what GeForce NOW offers, in the case of those who have not yet used the service.

It will therefore be very interesting to see the evolution of this new GeForce NOW service. And the fact is that if, over time, it reaches a good volume of demo versions, it could even consolidate itself as one of the differentiating factors.

GeForce NOW Now Lets You Try Games Before You Buy Them Too

GeForce NOW Friday

On the other hand, we are already on Thursday, and like every week this is the day chosen by NVIDIA to add new games to the list of GeForce NOW compatible titles. We already told you a few months ago that the list had already exceeded 1,500 references, so now it is walking steadily towards 2,000. These are the new supported titles:

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