Gender violence: This is the sign that can save your life; we tell you how it works | VIDEO

In order to confront domestic violence, the Canadian Women’s Foundation in conjunction with an advertising agency they created a couple of signs through the campaign “Signal for Help”. This led to the rescue of a teenager who had been kidnapped in North Carolina, state United.

The signal, which is made discreetly by hand, helped a motorist identify that the young woman was in trouble and report it to the police who immediately reached and arrested him. In accordance with RCI Radio Canada He learned the action with his hands through the social network TikTok.

How is the signal?

This tool is very simple and, as you have seen, very powerful in case a woman or another victim is in trouble:

“Putting the thumb in the palm of the hand and then closing the hand. It is a way for women facing domestic abuse to pass a distress message during a video call, without leaving evidence,” she explained. Andre Gunraj, Vice President of Public Engagement for the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

The signal was created during confinement by Covid-19

The intention to create the signal, through the aforementioned campaign, was due to the fact that during the confinement stage, caused by the Covid-19, there was an increase in reports of domestic violence, a phenomenon that occurred in various parts of the world where Mexico was no exception.

It was for this reason that Canadian Women’s Foundation He went to work and found the signal, which for now has already saved the life of a minor.


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